Apr 24

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #013 – Read To Lead w/Jeff Brown

Read To LeadEpisode #013 – Read To Lead w/Jeff Brown

In this episode, Clay talks to Jeff Brown from the Read To Lead Podcast. They discuss leadership, knowledge vs wisdom, the nature of work, Podcaster Academy and compare notes on the cheesy moments in radio. Jeff gives us recommendations on books you should be reading and shares what the BEST VERSION of him looks like. Clay also shares his recent realization about dream jobs.

Talking Points & References

  • Jeff Brown

    • Origin Story
    • “Positioning Statement-Off” (Game)
    • Read To Lead Podcast
      • Vision
        • Wisdom vs Knowledge
        • The curation process – building trust with Listeners and gaining their “seal of approval”
      • Connecting on a Podcast vs Radio
      • Leadership as a theme
        • We’re ALL Leaders
        • You need to be leading right where you are
        • We all have the opportunity to lead, but often miss it
      • Evolving “Mt. Rushmore” of books to start with
    • The Nature of Work Today
      • Schools need to change their emphasis
        • Not spending enough time on physical communication
      • We all have more than one passion and it’s worth pursuing
    • Gaining Knowledge and Investing in Ourselves
      • Read books to gain knowledge, but practically apply them to gain wisdom
    • Podcasting
      • Podcaster Academy
      • Don’t let it be an excuse not to start
      • Train people in the skills that you’ve acquired
        • Connect with your Listeners
        • Make your listeners part of the conversation
      • Podcasting’s future vs Radio
        • Opportunities exploding for Podcasts
        • Radio relied for years on ubiquity and ease-of-use
        • There are no more gatekeepers. You have the ability to put your voice out there.
        • “Stop waiting to be picked… pick yourself.”
    • The BEST VERSION of Jeff Brown
    • Connect with Jeff Brown
  • Dreams and Dream Jobs

    • We don’t get just one dream, so why would we only get one dream job.
    • Challenge for the Week:  Don’t say “I’m chasing my dream”… say “I’m chasing my NEXT dream”.
  • Wrap-Up

Quote of the Week

“Your success, by in large, will depend primarily on your ability to effectively communicate your ideas.” – Jeff Brown

More About Our Guest

Jeff Brown is a 26-year radio veteran, having most recently co-hosted an award-winning and nationally syndicated morning show.
In 2010, Jeff launched Brown Knows Media, LLC, bringing affordable mobile apps and websites for small businesses.In July 2013, he launched the Read to Lead Podcast which quickly became a Top 3 Career and Top 10 Business podcast in iTunes.And, in December 2013, Jeff founded Podcaster Academy where he trains and personally coaches new and up-and-coming podcasters in the techniques and tips he leveraged to become an award-winning broadcaster.

Jeff lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee with his wife Annie and their miniature Dachshunds Fritz and Frank.

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Apr 21

Finding Your Dream Job (Again)

Finding Your Dream Job19 years ago this week, I started my dream job.

At 22 years old, I had realized the dream that the 12-year-old version of me settled on during a 6th grade Career Day when a disheveled, gravely voiced, overnight local DJ made me realize that I wanted to be in radio.

At a 1,000 watt A.M. country music station 150 miles north of anyone I knew back home, I cracked the mic and fulfilled the mission that I had set out for myself years before.

I was on the air.

Someone was going to pay ME to talk on the microphone!

Sure, it was $4.35 an hour, 60 hours a week with no overtime… but… the joke was on them… because I would have done it for free.

I wasn’t going to be that guy who wondered what if.

I did it!

I had my dream job!

Keyword… HAD.

Then You Wake Up

My “career” in radio wasn’t a long one.

There was a fairly meteoric rise… at least that’s how I tell it… followed by a nearly silent fizzle at the end.

By the four-month mark, I was the Music Director and Afternoon Drive Host on a 50,000 power station…

By the four-year mark, I was homesick, tired of the nomadic existence that “paying dues” in the radio business required, and calling the factory job I worked my way through college at to see if they had a spot for me.

I was 26.


Burned out.

And learning the hard way that finding your dream job is sometimes far easier than having your dream job.

I left.

I left radio.

I left with every intention of coming back when I got my head straight.

I had a box full of demo tapes and recommendation letters from Program Directors and industry contacts I’d made.

A box that still sits full today.

When I Grow Up

Between my last day in radio and November of 2012, I’ve had eight different jobs in what felt like 14 different industries… none of which were radio.

(NOTE: That is not counting the Strip Club DJ job that I was hired to start but backed out on before my first day due to a sudden outbreak of conscience and good judgement) 

I was a hero at every stop.

I was a company man and a dedicated leader.

I was a Senior Manager, a Director and an uninaugurated Vice President.

I made more money in a month at some of the jobs than I made in my first year in radio.

But… not one of them was my dream job.

And because of that, they all eventually became my old job.

I remember coming home from one of my many burned out nights after an uninspired 9 to 5 at whatever the office was that day and telling The Wife that I figured out what my problem was.

“You know how they always ask you ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’”, I remember telling her, “Well, what do you do if you already were what you wanted to be when you grow up? What happens next?”

The Truth About Finding Your Dream Job

17 months ago this week, I started my dream job.

At 39 years old, that same guy who made his dream of becoming a DJ a reality, made his dream of writing a reality.

Like the tiny 1,000 watt A.M. station where I introduced my first song, this dream started with a little Blog that would be lucky to get three readers if my wife read it twice.

The radio paychecks that seemed so minuscule at the time, would have been a blessing when this thing got started.

But… just like then… joke was on them… cause I would have… and did… do it for free.

It took me 15 years and a boatload of wasted time to realize it, but my dream job was to be a DJ…

…but we don’t only get one dream.

Like the myriad of bizarro, seemingly disconnected dramas that we play out when our heads hit the pillow at night, we’re not limited to just one story.

So, where did we ever get the idea that dreams only came in ones?

It’s never too late to find your dream job.

And… what they don’t always tell you… what WE don’t always remember… it’s never too late for your NEXT dream.

17 months ago I started working full-time on building a brand around my voice… my message… and my writing.

I started my dream job.



What are you dreaming about next?


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Apr 17

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #012 – Subject Matter Expert

Episode #012 - Subject Matter ExpertEpisode #012 – Subject Matter Expert

In this episode, Clay talks about the most important step to finding the BEST VERSION OF YOU by becoming a Subject Matter Expert. He talks exercise and The Biggest Loser in HEADLINES, as well as cracking open the INBOX to talk about the dreaded Yo-Yo.

Talking Points & References

  • Headlines

    • Running More May Not Help You Live Longer (CNN)
      • New report says running more than 20 miles a week shows no more benefit than those who run less
      • Bait & Switch message
      • Experts recommend 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week
      • “You Can’t Out Run Fast Food”
      • Life of moderation and good decisions trumps extremes.
    • Biggest Loser Winner Gains 20 Pounds And Finds Her Perfect Weight (TIME)
      • Rachael Frederickson gains 20 pounds after winning The Bigger Loser at 105 pounds
      • The Biggest Loser is a Game Show, not a Reality Show
      • Your body gives you the answers, if you listen to it

    • Yo-Yo Dieting and the Stress of Backsliding (Mike)
      • The D-Word
        • The difference between “Diet” and “On A Diet”
      • “Everyone is ALWAYS on a Diet”
      • The Yo-Yo is about extremes
      • You don’t want to be the same person at the end as you were at the beginning
      • The person you want to be can’t exist in the same lifestyle as the person you were
  • Subject Matter Expert

    • The first step in seeking the BEST VERSION OF YOU
    • What is a Subject Matter Expert?
    • The Baseball Example
    • Find the passion – it’s the root
    • No one will write the book on you, it’s yours to write
    • Start the research this week
  • Wrap-Up

Quote(s) of the Week

“The most difficult thing In life is to know yourself.” - Thales (Greek Philosopher)

“…It’s also the most valuable.” – Clay (Geek Philosopher)

Questions & Comments

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Apr 15

Running a Marathon Didn’t Change My Life

Running a Marathon Didn't Change My LifeWith legs of jelly and pain in places that I didn’t realize I had places, I’ll never forget turning that final corner. Wiping away the stinging combination of sweat and disbelief, two things simultaneously came into focus that, just a few minutes earlier, I was sure I’d never see again. Yet, with every step, my eyes told my brain that they were both what I needed to see most.

My family and the finish line.

It was well after 12:00. The majority of the field and the crowd had long since gone home or made their way to the various hospitality tents scattered throughout the city.

I saw my family take a cautious moment to confirm that it was me. I certainly couldn’t blame them. For over an hour they’d been burned time after time when I wasn’t the one who made the turn when I had expected me to. It wasn’t just my first time running a marathon, but it was their first experience as well. They didn’t know what to expect, other than that I’d be there when I said I would.

An 11 and 13-year-old don’t account for the wall.

When it’s your Dad, you don’t factor in the pain.

You don’t anticipate things not going as planned.

Over 480,000 people finished a marathon in 2013.

On that day, I was just one of them.

But, I was the only one that mattered to them in that moment… in many moments.

When I finally crossed the line and officially became a Marathon Finisher, I quickly grabbed my medal from one of the still chipper volunteers and scrambled to find an opening in the security barricades.

The medal was great, but my prize was on the other side of that iron.

Jumping and contorting myself through a maze of banners, gates and eschewed Gatorade cups, I got the longest and most honest squeeze from my family that I can remember.

In retrospect, maybe it wasn’t the tightest hug.

Maybe it wasn’t the longest.

But, I don’t remember one that felt better.

As I get ready to dip back into training mode for my rematch with my 26.2 mile demon, it took me months to really come to grips with that first experience.

You read the blogs and the stories.

You watch the motivational YouTube clips.

You devour everything that’s out there before running a marathon.

You go into it expecting to cross the finish line a new person.

You anticipate that grand moment that will alter your existence.

The day… the moment… the moment that everything changes.

The truth…

Running a marathon didn’t change my life.

When I think back and replay that October day in my head, I can see and feel almost every mile.

I remember the pain, the joy, the fear and the doubt that seemed to come around almost every turn.

But not a single step… not a single second of the five plus hours that I pounded the pavement that morning changed my life.

That hug.

That love.

That joy in their eyes when I turned the corner.

That’s my life.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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Apr 10

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #011 – Kids Today w/The Little Shavers

kids todayEpisode #011 – Kids Today

In this episode, Clay violates child labor laws by bringing his daughters on the show to talk about being a kid today. They discuss technology, social media, bullying and being the BEST VERSION OF YOU. Clay also brings up the ridiculous attempted banning of red pens and gives the most important parenting lesson his Dad ever taught him.

Talking Points & References

  • Banning Red Pen

  • “The Little Shavers”

    • Introductions
      • CJ (12)
      • GiGi (14)
    • Kids today vs 30 years ago
    • The impact of technology
      • Social Media
      • How do kids really communicate
    • “Bullying”
    • Famous vs Important
  • Dad Lesson From Dad

    • My real dream job
    • Building a parent relationship as adults
    • The best lesson I learned from my Dad
    • Transparency with our kids
      • Tell all of the stories when the time is right
      • Kids learn just as much from your losses as they do your victories
    • Tell your kids your story!
  • Wrap-Up

Quote of the Week

“Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Questions & Comments

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Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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Apr 03

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #010 – Moderation

PodcastEpisode #010 – Moderation

In this episode, Clay recaps the community juice cleanse with a talk about effort, cracks open the INBOX to talk about what to look for in a trainer or nutritionist, and discusses “Omission vs Moderation” and how moderation may be the key to the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

Talking Points & References

  • Effort

    • Question about Trainer and Nutritionists – From AJ
      • Clay’s history with Trainers
      • “Get Fit” Contest
    • Being taught vs being lead
    • Don’t use people who use scare tactics and blanket statements
    • Expectations of yourself and the person you’re working with
    • Lifestyle changes that come from a trainer or nutritionist
    • *New* Submit Option
  • Moderation
    • Clay’s message versus the mainstream
    • Omission vs Moderation
      • People who preach omission
    • The reality of moderation
    • Life applications beyond health & fitness
    • Dream chasing
    • The BEST VERSION OF YOU requires moderation
  • Wrap-Up

Quote of the Week

“There is a huge difference between ‘tried and failed’ and ‘tried to fail’… and the difference is effort.”

Questions & Comments

If you would like to discuss this week’s episode, please leave your comments below.  I would love to interact with you!

Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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Apr 01

Spring Cleaning: 7-Day Juice Cleanse – Recap

juice cleanseAbout two weeks ago, I went out on a limb and asked you to join me on a 7-Day juice cleanse that we’d be calling “Spring Cleaning”.

To my surprise, people started lining up to go elbow deep in piles of kale and cucumber, step up to the plate on Day 1 and say goodbye to toxins.

Though, as expected, we all had unique experiences, we started this process in community and that’s the way we’re going to end it.

So today, I’ll share with you some experiences and takeaways from my juice cleanse. It’s important to note, this is actually the first time I successfully completed an entire week. If you fell short of the 7-Day goal, know that you can fall short…and get it next time.

With that, I’m going to pose a few questions for you. Please feel free to answer in the comments, hit me on the Facebook page or, frankly, just answer to yourself.

I’ll provide my answers here.

How’d You Feel?

The first two days were rough!

If I hadn’t started to make the turn in Day 3, I’d be shocked if I would have made it the whole seven.

Once the energy comes back, you really to start to feel pretty normal.

Now, I probably have a small advantage over some people because, going on a multi-year weight loss journey, I became pretty good at flipping that “food as fuel” switch. I can really distance myself from the “real food” mentally. I know that would have been tougher for me a few years ago when I lived on a steady diet of fast food and barrel-sized jugs of Mountain Dew.

By the time the end of Day 7 rolled around, I wasn’t feeling like I was desperate to eat, but I did feel like I’d gotten enough out of the juicing experience to be done.

What Was Your Favorite Drink?

Full disclosure… I don’t really LIKE any of them.

Drinking vegetables, to me, is counter-intuitive and, since giving up sugary soda years ago, even fruit juice is too sweet for me.

However, since I’m going to ask you to share, I will pick one.

I’m going to go with the fresh fruit concoction that my girls and I developed.

  • Red Apple
  • Juicing Oranges
  • Lemon
  • Pineapple
  • Cucumber

It was super sweet!  But, the fruits really came through.

What Would You Do Differently?

I honestly think the only thing I would change would be to give myself the first two days off of exercise. As I told you on the Day 3 recap, I hurt my hamstring on Day 2, likely due to dehydration.

I’d made a goal to exercise during the juice cleanse, despite some “expert” recommendations that you do nothing strenuous.

Luckily I healed up pretty quickly and was able to finish strong, but I knew better.

I could have sat the sidelines for two days.

Do You Feel or See Any Changes?

I’ve talked about it before, but, if you’re new, I don’t use the scale as a measure anymore.

I just think it’s counter-productive once you’ve really gotten adjusted to your body.

That being said, I absolutely lost weight this week.

It wasn’t the goal, but I can tell you, because I know me, I probably lost 5 or 6 pounds.

I do feel very good. I think I legitimately got some toxins out of my system.

Digestion seems to be good.

I feel lighter.

Energy is high.

I feel like spring…. I know that sounds cheesy… but I feel like I got a lot of the winter baggage off of me.

Will You Juice Cleanse Again?

I knew going in that it would never be a part of my normal cycle.

I may drink a juice from time to time, but I don’t see juicing as a longterm part of my diet.

I do really, really like the idea of a “spring cleaning” and will certainly revisit the idea next winter. But, with marathon training starting, I don’t see juice cleansing in my immediate future.

That being said… I love the experience! And, even if I’m not actively juicing, I’d love to support you in your cleanse!


How did your juice cleanse go?


Thank you to everyone who participated in this first community juice cleanse! I appreciate you all!

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Mar 30

Spring Cleaning: 7-Day Juice Cleanse – Day 7

juice cleanseIT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! (cue 80′s synth stinger)

Day 7!

The final push!

The end of our juice cleanse is near and it’s time to start thinking about next steps.

Let’s talk about that for a second…

If you’re really craving a cheeseburger and fries or a nice cheesy, gooey pizza right now… get that out of your head right now.

Ignoring the fact that we don’t want to undo all the amazing progress you’ve made, transitioning off of a juice cleanse is no an “On-Off” switch.

You’ve got to easy back into it.

A little broth or some yogurt.  Maybe even some soft fruit (though you probably don’t want to think about fruit right now).

Think about the worst day of this week so far….

Got it?

If you start crushing groceries first thing in the morning, you’re going to feel that bad – times ten.

You’ve given your stomach and parts of your digestive system most of the week off. You’ve got to ease them back in.

Your time will come again…

Don’t run a great race then run smack into a brick wall after you cross the finish line.

Day 6 Recap

This was one of those days that makes me feel like I could juice for much longer periods of time.

Energy was great.

Did yoga with my daughter in the morning.

The juice tasted good today.

It was a welcomed surprise considering Day 6 was the day I crashed and burned last time I tried to get through a full week.

Weekends are tough when the whole family is around.

It’s tough pulling up at the family dinner table to a glass of juice.

But… again… it’s a week!

You can do anything for a week.

What Am I Drinking?


Working through the last of the fruits and vegetables that I’ve purchased for the week.

Though I considered it, and I may still have some juice each day, I am transitioning off the juice cleanse starting tomorrow.

Going into base training for my next marathon, I need to start getting my summer diet right.

Juice Cleanse Reminders

I can’t stress enough how important it is to finish well.

Keep pounding that water.

If you take nothing else away from this juice cleanse, develop a relationship with water as a regular part of your routine.

It’s the great cleanser, no matter what you’re eating.

Be prepared for tomorrow morning.

Have some broth or something light available to you in the morning.

Just like during the week, trust your body.

It may take five or six days to get back to feeling like you can eat normal amounts again (Note my use of the word normal when speaking of amounts… not YOUR normal… normal!).

Be smart.

Your take away from this experience will depend greatly on how you finish.

Finish well.


What are your next steps?


Disclaimer (Because I have to…): I’m not a Doctor. I don’t pretend to be a Doctor. I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express. If you want to join us for the juice cleanse, know that you are doing it 100% of your own decision and will. Any information that I share is based solely on my own personal experience and not intended to be conveyed as medical knowledge. In other words, no lifeguard on duty… swim at your own risk.

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Mar 29

Spring Cleaning: 7-Day Juice Cleanse – Day 6

juice cleanse

We’re coming to the end of the weeklong adventure.

Whether it’s for the first time or you do it every year, in less than 48 hours you’ll be able to say you finished a juice cleanse!

Be proud of that!

You tried something… and you’re going to finish it.

You didn’t just wonder what it would be like… you lived it.

I’m not judging… I’m glad you’re reading.No wait!  You!  Yeah you who was just reading along…

The whole reason we’re chronicling this 7-Day juice cleanse is to give you a reference for when you’re ready.

So… it wasn’t this time… we’ll still be here next time!

Go when you’re ready.

We’ll be here.

Day 5 Recap

This is going to sound super boring, but, I’ve settled in.

Just felt like another day.

Did my P90X3 (“The Challenge” for those in the Beachbody world)… drank my juice… lived my life.

I felt great.

Energy is where it should be… mind is clear… trips to the restroom are less frequent and emergent!

Am I ready to chew something?


But, can I make it two more days?

Yes, Sir.

If you’re not there yet.  Still struggling.  Still feeling weak.

Don’t stress.

Your experience is uniquely yours.

Learn lessons from it.

What Am I Drinking?

Made it a point to really crush some vegetables yesterday because the weekend was coming and I knew I’d be able to make some fun fruit juices this weekend to share with my daughters.

Plenty of kale and spinach cut with cucumber, celery and some citrus.

Keeping the water flowing today and adding some fun combinations of apple, orange and red Texas grapefruit. Kids love it!

Juice Cleanse Reminders

For the first-timers out there, there’s a saying among the “creative types” that “your first is al

That’s true here too.ways your worst”.

You may not be having a textbook juice cleanse experience.

You may be grumpy… tired… angry… weak… just plain mad!

You may have stopped after Day 2.

You may now be spite eating just because you can.

Don’t sweat it.

If this time was two days, maybe next time is four.

Maybe you never make it to seven.

I’ll be honest, if you learn nothing else from this experience other that I NEVER WANT TO DO ANOTHER JUICE CLEANSE… well… at least you learned something new about yourself.

We grow through knowledge.


What have you learned so far?


Disclaimer (Because I have to…): I’m not a Doctor. I don’t pretend to be a Doctor. I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express. If you want to join us for the juice cleanse, know that you are doing it 100% of your own decision and will. Any information that I share is based solely on my own personal experience and not intended to be conveyed as medical knowledge. In other words, no lifeguard on duty… swim at your own risk.


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Mar 28

Spring Cleaning: 7-Day Juice Cleanse – Day 5

juice cleanseWelcome to the “dog days” of the juice cleanse.  How are you holding up?

By now, if you’re like me, it’s just kind of become part of the routine.

The hunger is not as a big a factor.

A lot of your energy has come back.

You’re probably (EARMUFFS FOR THE SQUEAMISH) “releasing” a lot of toxins.

Most importantly, however, the finish line is in sight.

Unfortunately, because we chose to start on the Monday, the homestretch runs smack dab through the middle of the weekend.  The Mardi Gras of eating!

Hang on, Folks, you’re almost there!

Day 4 Recap

My Day 4 wasn’t terribly exciting. I feel, for the most part, like my old self again.

Energy is back. I did a 30 minute P90X3 workout AND stayed up for the first 20 minutes of Fallon. Something that wasn’t even an option in the first three days.

I feel good.

I feel like I’m really starting to myself of some of the “gunk” that had built up in the long winter.

Mentally I felt back to full capacity (note… capacity is a very user-specific level).

I did quite a bit of writing yesterday and almost all of it made sense today. That’s a step forward.

Spoke with a few folks in the community who are joining us on the cleanse and they’ve added some food back into their routine.

That’s OK!

As we said in the beginning, you’ve got to trust you body and learn from this experience. If you do 2 days this time, maybe you do 4 next time.

Maybe you’ve learned that there is no next time!

It’s never a wasted experience if you learn something from it.

What Am I Drinking?

Boring! Boring!

Beside copious amounts of water, I’m still hitting the MEAN GREEN and some various combinations of apple, orange, grapefruit, celery, kale, cucumber, lemon and lime. I’ve come to calling it FRUIT’N’STEIN because it’s just some mad scientist concoction that I mix up in whatever combination suits my palette at the moment.

Really questions is, what are you drinking?

Juice Cleanse Reminders

If you’re still going strong on Day 5… you’re crushing it!

It’s an impressive accomplishment.

Meanwhile, if you’ve adjusted, that’s awesome too!

You tried something that was outside of your comfort zone.

You didn’t stand on the sidelines and say I WANT to try a juice cleanse… you’re doing it!

That’s something to be proud of.

Keep pounding that water!

If your energy has not come back up to at least 80-90% of normal, you’re probably lacking nutrients and experiencing low blood sugar. Don’t fool around with that if it persists. Make adjustments!


Can you see the finish line? Are you going to make it?


Disclaimer (Because I have to…): I’m not a Doctor. I don’t pretend to be a Doctor. I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express. If you want to join us for the juice cleanse, know that you are doing it 100% of your own decision and will. Any information that I share is based solely on my own personal experience and not intended to be conveyed as medical knowledge. In other words, no lifeguard on duty… swim at your own risk.

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