Oct 30

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #040 – The One Day Challenge

Ep40 One Day ChallengeEpisode #040 – The One Day Challenge

In this episode, Clay introduces The One Day Challenge after checking headlines and dipping into the INBOX. He discusses exercise, the challenge of challenges and how it all applies to the BEST VERSION OF YOU.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • There should only be one person closer to the BEST VERSION of Clay
    • A jambalaya episode
    • “…is there a challenge that will benefit me most as a starting point? Which have you tried?” (Tony)
      • Initial reaction to not come down on challenges
        • Any forward momentum is positive
        • Some people need a challenge
        • Hearts are in the right place
      • Not about implementing a lifestyle
      • Not rooted in reality
      • The only RIGHT answer is the one that you can implement
      • We treat life like it’s way shorter than in is (The Rental Car)
      • Never trust anything that doesn’t teach moderation
      • Don’t waste the 30 days
  • The One Day Challenge
    • Step 1 – Stop saying “One Day”
      • “One Day” doesn’t exist, it’s an idea.
      • The path to “one day” just leaves you with a lot of wasted days in the wake.
      • Make an intentional movement with a result in mind
    • Step 2 – One Day at a Time
      • Today is our guarantee – do something with it
      • We are a result of our actions, so make yours intentional
      • Any progress or significant change that we make happens one day at a time

Quote(s) of the Week

“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.” – Harold Hill (Music Man)

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Oct 23

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #039 – Why Everyone Should Run a 5K

Run a 5K Ep39

Episode #039 – Why Everyone Should Run a 5K

In this episode, Clay gives you 8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Run a 5K. He also recaps his big run this weekend, gives free ideas to Buzzfeed and deems you Podcast pioneers.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • Podcast Pioneers
    • Buzzfeed
  • Race Recap
    • The original game plan
    • #GetMyBack
    • Black and white expectations
    • Never say never
  • Why Everyone Should Run a 5K
    • The ‘Blah Blah Blah’ Benefits
      • Health
      • Fitness
      • Weight Loss
    • The Cause
      • Great opportunity to support a cause or get educated
      • If it needs to be something bigger than you
    • The Competitive Bone
      • We all have it, even if we deny it
      • It’s natural and should be embraced
      • You can be competitive without needing to win
      • Every time I race, I’m competing with 3 things:
        • The course
        • Myself
        • The clock
    • The Swag
      • The infatuation with free
    • The Style
      • Let your freak flag fly
      • Make your statement
    • The Runners
      • The most important part
      • The community
      • If you run, you’re a runner
      • Don’t succumb to the fear that you’re the only one
    • The View
      • See the world from a different view
    • The Finish Line
      • Watch what happens at the finish line
      • Pure joy
      • It looks like what the BEST VERSION OF ME feels like

Quote(s) of the Week

“‘I never have’ has power because it has opportunity.”

Questions & Comments

If you would like to discuss this week’s episode, please leave your comments below.  I would love to interact with you!

Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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Oct 21

Race Recap: Detroit International Marathon 2014

Detroit Marathon Race Recap 2014“Congratulations! You did it!”

The smile in the eyes of this total stranger perfectly matched the beaming grin across her face.

I pulled the corners of my own mouth up into an appreciative grin as I lowered my head just enough for her to get the lanyard around it.

The medal was heavier than I’d remembered and kind of thumped against my chest.

I waded forward in the sea of sweat-soaked and spandex-laden humanity that had clustered just beyond the giant FINISH banner.

“Great job, Buddy!”

Another unknown face in a volunteer T-shirt threw the ceremonial Reynold’s Wrap cape around my shoulders.

I gave him back a smile, a nod and a quiet but sincere thanks for giving his time to the event before navigating the path to the runner’s exit.

A whole season of training and a 13.1 mile run in the Detroit Marathon were behind me.

Physically, I felt healthy and strong as I headed back to Mile 12 to cheer my World Vision teammates and wait for my wife to make her way up the course in her first Half Marathon. It was so much different from the physically battered and emotionally wrecked version of myself that ran the full 26.2 miles just a year earlier. I wasn’t hurt. I wasn’t particularly sore. In fact, I wasn’t particularly anything.

I was just kind of there.

Thankfully… that all changed…

But, before we get to that, let me share how we got this far.


As I stood in ‘Corral F’, the fact that I was even there was a bit shocking. If you’d told me a year before that I would be running in the Detroit Marathon again, there’s a chance I would have slapped you. Ok, I probably wouldn’t have ACTUALLY slapped you… but there’s a good chance I would have WANTED to slap you… and then later slapped myself for even having the conversation with you.

The day after last year’s marathon, I was done. I’d finished a full marathon and there was nothing left to do. I was wrecked, beaten down and way too smart to even consider doing it again.

But… as is often the case… I was also wrong.

I signed up for a rematch with that 26.2 mile international jog on January 1st – the first day of race registration. Because I know me, committing to it early was a key to get me to train for something that a large chunk of me still didn’t want to do.

As I stood there on race morning, on my jersey hung not the blue bib that would have identified me as an experienced FULL marathon runner, but instead I flew the proud color red indicating that I’d be going just 13.1 miles on this brisk 40 degree fall day.

A second season of marathon training didn’t teach me how to be faster, smoother or more gazelle-like, but I did get the best possible lesson available. This year I learned about accepting my limitations. In this case, a right knee that simply wasn’t going to tolerate the training distances necessary to pull off the 42K that a full marathon would have brought that morning. Let’s be honest, after spending a good portion of my life a McDonald’s Value Menu north of 400 pounds, I’m lucky to still have my original knees, hips and any other weight-bearing joints. Just a little right knee pain was a pretty good hand to draw all things considered.

I’d run the half.

My commitment to the cause was most important to me and, as an added bonus, running the half would allow me to see The Wife cross the finish line in her first ever run further than 5K – something that, like me before last year, she swore she’d never do.

Waiting for my wave to start this morning was nothing like last year.

Because I’d lived through it once before, my nerves weren’t nearly as raw as they’d been. It felt like just another training run. I’d been there. I’d done that. In fact, I’d gone twice as far.

Don’t make the mistakes you made last year, Clay. I remember telling myself that over and over.

You’re lucky to be here.

Enjoy it.



Detroit Marathon

Photo Courtesy: Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press


I turned the corner toward the Ambassador Bridge ready for passage to the Great White North. I’d already shed the first of my five layers of clothing – a beat-up fleece jacket – as I settled into a rhythm and started to feel like I was warming up both literally and figuratively.

Running the bridge into Canada is probably the most picturesque part of the Detroit Marathon. Both the Detroit and Windsor skylines look beautiful across the water, with the added glow of the early morning sun just starting to peak out as the swarm of runners make their way up the incline.

The 2.2 miles is the first real quiet part of the run with the cheering sections limited to just the occasional Border Patrol Officer urging you to stay to the right.

During last year’s run, I got so locked into the race itself, I took no time to enjoy just how cool it was to get to run across the bridge. Bridges have kind of become my thing this year having tackled the 5 miles across the ‘Mighty Mac’ back on Labor Day. I took advantage this year and really soaked in the sunrise. If you ever wonder why people run these kinds of races… well… you just don’t get views like this on a treadmill or in a yoga class.


The next 2.8 miles take place in the great City of Windsor, Ontario or, as other folks like me who grew up in Metro Detroit called it “Wait! You’re saying we can drink at 19!?!?!”

I make no qualms about my love of Canadians. I love these people. They’re the perfect blend of what makes them both North American and the red-headed stepchild of the English Monarchy. If you took an American – bred out the arrogance – then mated it with an unpretentious Brit… you’d have a Canadian!

Highlights running through Canada this year included:

  • An overweight motorcycle cop controlling traffic from his very convenient chosen location in the Tim Horton’s drive-thru (I love stereotypes)
  • The DJ who is stationed at the bridge exit who said, “Ok Runners… Welcome to Canada… you’re safe now.”
  • A guy handing out ‘TimBits’ (donut holes) to runners
  • Not a positive highlight, but memorable… the only fall I witnessed this year took place just a few hundred feet into the city. A young lady caught an edge and went down face first. It wasn’t pretty, but a crowd of runners and spectators quickly converged to assist her. That’s why I love runners! They’ll ALWAYS sacrifice their time to help someone who’s down.
  • My two favorite signs of the whole race were in close proximity in Windsor and both held by young boys who probably weren’t even old enough to appreciate how entertaining they were.  They read:

And almost as quickly as it started, my time in Canada was over.

Just before Mile 7, I entered the 1.2 mile tunnel under the river to return to my home city via what the Detroit Marathon boasts as “the country’s only underwater mile”.

Not much hooting and hollering this year.

It was a very yeoman like effort in the pack that I traveled with through that stretch.

It was hot and humid in the tunnel this go round, so we all just buckled down and got back to Detroit.


When you come out of the tunnel from Windsor, you’re greeted by the first good-sized crowd that you’ve seen since the starting area. Cheering sections line both sides of the street along Jefferson Avenue and it provides a nice kick to pull you up the steepest incline of the race day.

Just over 8 miles in – yet nowhere near 8 Mile – I felt really good about my run that day.

The sun was out in full force, I was down to three layers of gear, and I was about to run the only new section of the course for 2014 – an extra three-quarters of a mile down the Lodge Freeway that had been added to alleviate a weird cross-over point.

As the course made its’ way through Mexicantown, my mind bounced back and forth from the Evie’s Tamales that I knew were just a pit stop away to the real reason that I was back for another year.

The race this year was so much different from the one I’d run just a year earlier.

From the obvious HALF distance to the fact that I actually got to share the course with my wife – something we never thought we’d do – everything was just different.

Well, almost everything… the cause was the same.

I was running with Team World Vision again. We were running to bring clean water to parts of the world (specifically Africa) where it’s just not an easy option. I spilled more impeccably clean water during the run this year, than most of the people who we support in Zambia will drink all year.

And while the cause was one of the few things that stayed the same, the amazing people who had my back made it a little different.

I fell short of my fund-raising goal last year.

Full disclosure… I got so focused on my race… I forgot why I was running it.

That’s not even completely accurate. I LOST focus on why I was running it and mistakenly decided that I was running it for me.

Not this year.

We made it!

I not only passed my fund-raising goal thanks to so many friends and family, but, because The Wife was in the race too, our little #TeamShaver raised close to $3000.

60 people got clean water for life because we dragged our butts out in the cold to do some exercise that we needed to do anyway!

I thought about that as I made my way through the city streets starting to feel some leg soreness that I attribute to a pair of running shoes that I should have proactively replaced a few weeks ago.

It made me smile.

It made me proud.

It made me grateful.

And, most of all, it reminded me that, no matter how THIS race ended, we’d already won.

Detroit Marathon

Photo Courtesy: K. Mitchell/Detroit Free Press


Weaving my way through Corktown, I could confidently confirm that my shoes were no longer race worthy.

If I ever need to know if a pair of running shoes are done, I just ask my quads.

My Newtons had done me proud for most of the season, but they were ready to be traded in for a newer, younger and more attractive model or, as I like to call it, “pulling a Larry King”.

When I passed the Team World Vision cheering section a few moments later, I got a nice boost of energy and confidence from the long string of high-fives made available by the orange-clad throng. I was thankful for my team and proud to be a member of it. All those early Saturday morning training runs. Those mid-week emails. Those encouraging posts in the Facebook group. Those are the things you really miss when the training ends.

I saw the big orange traffic sign ahead that directed the Half Marathoners to take the hard right to the finish line.

I remember that moment so vividly last year.

All of those “stupid Halfers” headed to the party, while I was just about to get to the hard part.

I was so jealous of them.

And, to my surprise, it happened again.

This time, however, I was on the other side.

As I made the turn, I wished for the first time that day that I still had 13 more miles to run.

I knew my knee and, by that point, my quads didn’t have it in them, but, I wished I was running the full marathon.

I slowed down.

Instead of looking for that extra gear to trim maybe an extra 15 seconds off of my time, I slowed down to enjoy the few moments I had left in this run. To soak in the experience that I had trained all summer for. To just be thankful about being lucky enough to get to do this.

I crossed the finish line.


I’d done the typical thing when it comes to goal-setting for time.

I told everyone one thing – I wanted to run sub-2:26:00 as a symbolic thing for my weight loss journey.

I really meant something else – I was really hoping to go sub-2:10:00 to keep a sub-10:00/mile pace.

And I secretly pined for something else completely – I really wanted to go sub-2:00:00 which felt doable considering my last 12 mile training run.

That’s the beautiful relationship between a runner and the clock – it’s our best friend and our mortal enemy.


There I was, back where the race and this story started.

Wrapped in bizarro tinfoil with a new medal around my neck and an indifferent disposition.

I back-tracked to my #TWVDetroit cheer station around Mile 12 to give a few high fives of my own and wait to see the Mrs. start her final mile.

The music was loud and joyous.

An alternating playlist of “Happy” and “Everything Is Awesome” bumped from the speakers as I joined the line.

I wedged myself into an open spot along the road right next to an Abe Lincoln look-alike sporting the trademark suit with our World Vision orange underneath.

The parade of runners in every shape and size worked their way past our station.

You could see the pain on many of their faces.

But, through it, they nearly all cracked a smile as we shouted for them and the music blared.

Detroit Marathon

Photo Courtesy: J. Trevino/Detroit Free Press


My feet couldn’t help but move a little as the beats and the cheers got louder. My high fives were firm, yet approachable, as I tried to look them each in the eye to say, “You got this!”


Orange jerseys. Blue jerseys. Yellow jerseys. No jerseys. It didn’t matter who or what you were running for… we were doing it together. And I wanted to see all 20,000 plus of my newfound teammates finish strong.

I was in a full on sway by then. Despite the spent shoes, the sore feet inside of them wanted to dance to the music and share the joy of the day.


I saw her in the distance and immediately started to jog down the street to meet her.

The fact that she was walking at this point didn’t concern me. After all, because of a mid-training knee injury, she’d only maxed out at 9 miles to that point. What did stand out was the new limp that I hadn’t seen before.

I hugged her and asked how she was feeling.

She cried a bit, but never stopped moving forward.

The knee quit on her at Mile 10. Not the ‘bad knee’ mind you, but what had previously been the good knee had a moment of weakness and a few milliseconds later she was on the ground.

She got up, brushed herself off, tried to run, but it was clear that walking was the only option.

“I’m finishing.”

I had no doubt, but it was amazing to hear the words.

I walked with her for about a block before kissing her, wishing her luck, and cutting up a side street to beat her to the finish line. If she was crossing, I was most certainly going to be there to see it.

I got there just in time to work my way close enough to a guard rail to see her finish.

We reconnected outside of the Finisher’s area. She was hobbled but positively beaming and touting the heft of her first medal. We gingerly made our way through a post-race celebration and what I know for her felt like a long walk back the car.

I was thinking about how down I felt when I crossed the finish line a few hours earlier. How I felt like I didn’t do enough. That running the half wasn’t good enough. That I should have been tougher and stronger. That because I had a full marathon under my belt, I should have been strong enough to do it again.

I was so wrong.

Watching my wife cross the finish line taught me the most important lesson that I learned this season.

It’s not about what you’ve done in the past.

It’s not about what you could have done better.

It’s not about what you did wrong.

It’s about being faced with something that you didn’t think you could do… it’s about fighting that battle that tries to say you don’t have it in you… it’s about taking in all of the abuse that the ‘little but loud’ voice of fear fills your head with… it’s about getting knocked down, brushing yourself off and just finishing it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It doesn’t have to be fast.

It doesn’t have to be smooth.

But.. you know that is simply has to be… and you get it done.


Thank you again to everyone who supported us this season! We could not have done it without your love, prayers and support! I don’t know what next year looks like for either one of us, but, if you’re even kicking around the idea of running a marathon (Half or Full) and you don’t know where to start… reach out to me. I’d love to get you connected!


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Oct 16

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #038 – Finding Balance w/ Amy Latta

Amy Latta Ep38Episode #038 – Finding Balance w/ Amy Latta

In this episode, Clay welcomes Amy Latta (@IAmAmyLatta) to the show to talk health, fitness, self-worth, diets and how to find the balance of all of them. He also issues a CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK centered on finding the right balance instead of just the simplest.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • Life in “Apple-ville”
  • Amy Latta
    • Origin Story
      • From a long line of nomads
      • Health & Fitness did not come naturally – not athletic
    • Changing her Health & Fitness focus
      • Very average kid who hated her body but didn’t do anything
      • Didn’t get serious about fitness till mid-20’s
      • Lost and gained a lot of weight
      • Three years ago – having health issues, challenged a doctor on whether it might be diet and not something that needed a prescription
      • Did her own research and turned out to be a severe allergy that would have gone undiagnosed without taking control of her own journey
      • Food really effects our bodies far beyond the “skinny stuff” that we focus on
      • After Dad passed away (too soon)… knew that she wanted to help people
    • Self-Worth
      • The idea came from actively coaching people through very specific programs and challenges
      • People lost weight, but they didn’t maintain because they always wanted to go back to “normal”
      • Tipping point came when her teenage daughter asked, “How is the diet going?”
      • Never wanted my children to think I was in a perpetual state of restriction
      • When we look in the mirror, we always look at what’s awful
      • We treat diet and exercise as a punishment for bad behavior
      • Self-worth is looking in the mirror and not seeing how you’re going to punish your body, but how you’re going to cherish it.
    • The Balance between Self-Worth and Health
      • Finally working through this right now
      • I’m no longer driven by this, but it’s a VERY delicate balance
      • You do need to make a change, but it has to be the right way
      • I don’t want to use your disgust to motivate you, I want to use the love.
      • The marriage of self-worth and practical diet and exercise is where we need to focus
      • Saying “this is MY life” is so critical
    • What is the Health & Fitness world doing right these days?
      • Growing the idea that the food that you put in your body (and the quality of it) is critical
      • We need to teach our kids how to cook and how to choose good food
      • Stress the importance of the exercise that works for you
    • Fitness as a status symbol
      • The best exercise is the one that works for you
      • The only thing that matters is the exercise that gets you up every day
    •  Messages to teenagers
      • Every generation says how much things have changed
      • Our children NEVER get a break
      • We are now our own media
    • The pressure of fitness
      • Starts early – grade school
      • Very early you’re made to feel that you have unattractive body parts
    • What can we change?
      • It’s important for adults to be able to look in the mirror and like what they see
      • It’s not easy and requires great persistence
      • Write down all of the things you DON’T like about you
      • Write down all of the things you like
      • Go back to the negatives and find a counterpoint
      • Look at your negatives and find what’s good about them
    • The BEST VERSION of Amy Latta
    • Find Amy Latta online

Quote(s) of the Week

“Self-worth is about looking at your negatives and seeing what is great about them” – Amy Latta

More About Our Guest

Amy Latta is a writer, speaker, coach, personal trainer (the fun kind), and Certified Nutrition Coach (not the food-police kind). Blend this together with brave and silly, and you have someone who helps others live healthy lives – mind, body, and soul. Amy shares her journey so others can discover their self-worth and be inspired to grow. She’s a wife and mom/stepmom to three kids.

Questions & Comments

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Oct 09

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #037 – Stones, Free & Finish Lines

ep37 paralysis by analysisEpisode #037 – Stones, Free & Finish Lines

In this episode, Clay talks about paralysis by analysis and how it relates to David, Goliath and the BEST VERSION OF YOU. He also dips into the INBOX and talks LeBron James, finish lines and the power of free.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • The benefits of driving the bus
    • Catch up on the interviews

    • “…what’s the finish line? How do I know when I’m the BEST VERSION OF ME?” (Veronica)
      • Bad news and really, really good news
      • There is no finish line
        • “…there is no end zone… you never cross the goal line… spike the ball and do your touchdown dance…” – Frank Buchman (Jason Robards) in “Parenthood”
      • Good news is that it isn’t a race or a competition
      • LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet, but he’s not satisfied
      • Having gifts is one thing, but being willing to work and not accepting good enough makes the difference
      • The BEST VERSION of LeBron James wants to get more from his gifts
      • Socrates – “I know that I know nothing”
      • The BEST VERSION OF ME… knows that there will never be a BEST VERSION OF ME
    • “…strangest thing you learned as an adult that you didn’t know as a kid?” (Jodi)
      • The way people behave when something is free!
      • Losing your mind for a T-Shirt
      • Costco, free lunch and the “plate toppers”
      • Halloween
      • Tweet me yours!  #RCPod
  • Paralysis By Analysis
    • Releasing Episode #001 was one of the healthiest things I’ve ever done
    • The cliche of paralysis by analysis
      • Aesop’s Fable
        • The Fox and The Cat
        • “Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon”
    • Fill our lives with “what ifs” to avoid movement
    • Paralysis by analysis is the BFF of fear
    • The Story of David & Goliath
      • Biblical text
      • Gladwell’s book
      • Simple shepherd boy vs a giant
      • Trusted that his God was bigger than fear
      • But he also trusted his stone – experience, gifts, skills
    • What’s your stone?
    • Nothing moves the needle until you throw that stone
    • You’ll be the same person tomorrow, next week and next year if you let fear keep the stone in your hand
    • We all have one… the BEST VERSION OF YOU… is willing to throw it!

Quote(s) of the Week

“FREE is the siren song of the savage!”

Questions & Comments

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Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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Oct 02

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #036 – Believing in a Better Way w/ Jerrod Murr

Ep36 jerrod murrEpisode #036 – Believing in a Better Way w/ Jerrod Murr

In this episode, Clay welcomes Jerrod Murr to the show to talk leadership, empowering youth, gameshows and how to #LiveYourList. They dig into Jerrod’s list, issue a challenge about respect and talk a little smack.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • Community
    • The BEST VERSION OF ME is dynamic
    • Behind the curtain
  • Jerrod Murr

    • Game Show Champion
    • Origin Story
      • “Husky” Child
      • Oklahoma born and raised
      • In 2008, found myself complacent… not unhappy… but complacent
      • Left full-time job to take a risk and launch “Believing in a Better Way”
    • The 20 Leadership Camps
      • Based on the Pareto Rule
      • Focus on students who are doing fairly well, but need a push
      • Give them tools and encourage them to make good decisions
      • The “Blue Shirts”
        • Most rewarding piece, but completely unexpected
        • “Give us the tools and we will finish the job” – Winston Churchill
    • Paradigm Shift
      • Overall mission is Leadership Development
      • Not a lot new to learn, most of the truths are timeless
      • We are helping people discover in a new way
    •  The Live Your List Show
    • The Live Your List Project
    • The BEST VERSION of Jerrod Murr
      • I want the people who know me best, to respect me the most
    • Find Jerrod Murr online

Quote(s) of the Week

“I want the people who know me best, to respect me the most.” – Jerrod Murr

More About Our Guest

Jerrod Murr is a speaker, missions advocate, and cultural entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Northeastern State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and a member of the Northeastern State University Hall of Fame.   He is the executive director for the 20 Leadership Camp, a faith-based movement equipping students through personal leadership challenges, and co-founder of Paradigm Shift where he has spoken to tens of thousands of people all across the world.

Murr currently serves as youth pastor of Muskogee 1st Assembly of God. He resides in Muskogee, OK with his wife, Jenn, and two daughters Adelae and Josalyn.  His favorite book is The Giving Tree, and he loves working on his Bucket List, the OKC Thunder, and a good cup of coffee.

Questions & Comments

If you would like to discuss this week’s episode, please leave your comments below.  I would love to interact with you!

Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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Sep 25

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #035 – Crowdsourcing w/ Randy Langley

crowdsourcingEpisode #035 – Crowdsourcing w/ Randy Langley

In this episode, Clay talks about Crowdsourcing and the BEST VERSION OF YOU. He chats with Randy Langley from NEXTWorkHQ.com, goes soapbox on Crowdfunding and welcomes back David Dollar for a new installment of #DollarMakesSense.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • The BEST VERSION OF ME needs community
    • A heart for Dreamers
  • Randy Langley & NEXTWorkHQ.com

    • There must be a BEST VERSION of Community
    • IndieGoGo Campaign – NEXTWorkHQ
    • Grew frustrated with lack of organization in social media
    • The information was good, but you just couldn’t find it
    • For people who want to accomplish their dreams
      • Kevin Buchanan’s #Next5
      • Common themes emerged
      • It looks like a ‘wide shot’ but it comes from patterns
    • Crowdsourcing model – Directors
      • Experts with regularly scheduled tips/articles
      • If the answers don’t already exist, there will be forums to get the answers
      • Directors will monitor the forums looking for ‘hot buttons’
    • Directory area
    • Campaign Perks
    • Pre-buying ad space
    • The BEST VERSION of community
      • A supportive community through positive, but realistic feedback
      • Giving first and receiving as a by-product of giving
    • Connect at NEXTWorkHQ.com
    • SHARE on social media! #NEXTWork
  • Crowdsourcing
    • Soapbox onCrowdfunding
      • Naturally polarizing
      • Despite popular opinion, the nature of human beings is one of generosity
      • Cyber begging
      • Exploited by many
    • The BEST VERSION OF YOU Crowdsources
    • When you’re correctly doing community, you’re crowdsourcing knowledge
    • “Teach a man to fish” mentality
    • I want to earn it
    • “If you’re the smartest person in the room… you’re in the wrong room”
    • Crowdsourcing knowledge goes BOTH ways
    • Crowdsourcing builds a foundation that you may have to lean on
    • Seek the knowledge of community
  • Support Clay & The Podcast

Quote(s) of the Week

“If you’re the smartest person in the room… you’re in the wrong room”

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Sep 18

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #034 – Ear Buds, Exercise & Stress Monkeys

Ear Buds Exercise StressEpisode #034 – Ear Buds, Exercise & Stress Monkeys

In this episode, Clay officially gives you a name. He dips into the INBOX for a question on exercise, admits he’s a Stress Monkey and uses Mark Twain to talk worry.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • The original vision for the show vs what it is becoming
    • Why not “Claymates”?
    • Ear Buds
  • INBOX (w/ New Theme!)

    • “…did you honestly and truly hate exercise half as much as I do?” – Michelle (@ShellGirard)
    • Simple truth is YES
    • Things changed when two things happened
      • Results
      • Just started doing what I like
    • Results are the obvious motivator because we’re a results driven society
    • Making the realization that you don’t have to do exercise you hate is the most impactful
    • Hating exercise is a great exit strategy (excuse)
    • If you can’t find exercise you like, make something you like exercise
    • It always comes back to lifestyle!
    • “We enjoy the process more than the proceeds.” – Warren Buffett
    • You have to enjoy the process because it’s what becomes your lifestyle
  • Stress Monkey
    • Did I make that up?
    • Admitting I have a problem
    • I’m a walking, talking TELL
    • Kids have the best tells
  • Worry
    • Stress is really worry
      • Will I get it done?
      • Is it good enough?
      • Will they find out?
      • Will I lose it all?
    • There isn’t a pill for a worry free life
    • When we get to the backside of worry, we’re always blown away by the truth
    • “Worry is interest paid on a debt that you may never owe.” – Mark Twain
    • Though the truth will set you free, it doesn’t make worry disappear
    • Why do I record the Podcast?
      • I can’t fix you… but there’s comfort in “I’ve been there”
    • You’re not alone
  • Challenge of the Week
    • Write down the Twain quote and post it in the place where you find worry in your life
    • Read it when you need it
    • Take a picture and tweet it to me – #Ep34 or #Monkey
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Quote(s) of the Week

“We enjoy the process more than the proceeds.” – Warren Buffett

“Worry is interest paid on a debt that you may never owe.” – Mark Twain

Questions & Comments

If you would like to discuss this week’s episode, please leave your comments below.  I would love to interact with you!

Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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Sep 11

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #033 – Test Tubes & Human Nature

Human Nature Ep33Episode #033 – Test Tubes & Human Nature

In this episode, Clay talks about moving the needle, complacency and the choosing the right side against human nature. He also talks about what’s weighing heavily on his heart and why #ItsNotOK. And a check of the HEADLINES turns into a victory lap.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • Life with the status quo
    • You’ve got to move the needle
    • Even doing something poorly, that starts as a negative, has value if you learn from it
    • Actions from which you learn, at worst, are a ‘net zero’
    • The only acceptable action that doesn’t move your needle, is one that advances others
    • Community thrives on deliberate actions to advance others
    • You should be making AMAZING cameo appearances in other people’s story
  • Headlines

    • Study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that any low-carb or low-fat diet can produce weight loss results
    • Over 7200 previous research studies from multiple commercial diets
    • Also included exercise and behavioral support
    • After six months, those who maintained the behavior, held onto most of the weight loss
    • The victory lap
  • Test Tubes
    • Sharing some ‘advice’ on experimenting with what works for you, had some feedback that said, “our bodies aren’t test tubes!”
    • We are the most complex collection of matter on Earth
    • There IS a genetic hand that you’re dealt
    • Body Types – Endomorphs, Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs
    • Even knowing your body type isn’t enough, you have to figure out what works
    • Your experimentation needs to yield a diet that not only works for you, but is dynamic
    • What works today, may not work forever
    • Sometimes you have to take steps backwards first
  • Human Nature
    • What weighs on my heart tends to be what’s really important to me – maybe not today, but some day
    • The Male/Female Dynamic
    • Tangent: Ray Rice video
    • The guy in the grocery store
    • The saddest part was that I just knew
    • Becoming hyper-aware
    • #ItsNotOK
    • It’s not a guy issue… it’s an all of us issue… we need to get on TEAM RESPECT
    • The reaction to the iCloud hack
    • You can not be cavalier attitude about behavior that is clearly not OK
    • Resisting the idea of relating ‘rape culture’
    • Human nature is not an excuse
    • The BEST VERSION OF YOU is better than human nature
  • Challenge of the Week
    • Don’t accept human nature as an excuse in your life or your world.  Stop being complacent.  Stop being afraid to say #ItsNotOK
  • Support Clay & The Podcast

Quote(s) of the Week

“…what sits heaviest on my heart is a great indicator of what I genuinely care about.”


Questions & Comments

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Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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Sep 04

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #032 – Bridges, First Days & Action Words

Ep32 First DaysEpisode #032 – Bridges, First Days & Action Words

In this episode, Clay talks about the power of first days, his experience running the Mackinac Bridge and the one thing all words need. He also issues a Challenge of the Week to use the treasure that is given to you.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • When the needle starts to move
    • Stop trying to be the NEXT version… be the BEST version
    • You won’t find your “life doppleganger” here
    • Set your own bar
  • Bridge Run

    • Fitness Ambassador – Michigan Fitness Foundation
    • The Mackinac Bridge
    • The version of me 7 years ago couldn’t fathom this
    • Time has the amazing power to change
    • The blessing and the curse of time is that it doesn’t have a stop and start button
  • First Day
    • The thing about the ever running clock is that today always has the power to be the first day of something great
    • No one ever says “I wish I would have waited”
    • When Harry Met Sally
      •  “I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
    • Today is the first day of the rest of your life is only meaningful if you do something with it
    • The best part of your story is that you’re always writing it
    • The story only stops in one of two ways – life ends or you say “good enough”
    • The most exciting part of being something I never dreamed of 7 yeas ago… is the fact that I can’t even imagine what I’ll be 7 years from now… if I keep working

Quote(s) of the Week

“Today is the currency that we’re all given.  What are you going to do with it?”

Questions & Comments

If you would like to discuss this week’s episode, please leave your comments below.  I would love to interact with you!

Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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