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Jun 14

Where’s My Brunch? – The Great Father’s Day Scam

Father's Day

Every May the refrain is familiar. Every year it’s the same. Every commercial on T.V. perpetuates it. Every ad on the radio hammers it home. They lay the guilt on thicker than the artisanal bacon at that new hip pop-up butcher. Don’t forget Mom. Make sure Mom knows how special she is. Take Mom to …

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Feb 06

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #002 – The Reality of Weight Loss

Episode #002 – The Reality of Weight Loss In this episode, Clay once again flies solo and focuses on weight loss and the weight loss industry.  We discuss a deceptive new report on sugar, the finale of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and the reality of diets and weight loss while answering the question – “What …

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Jan 31

Finding Your Legs


The clock on the top right corner of the screen read 5:45 A.M.  The same as it had each of the last five mornings. I stood in my basement office half awake. My eyes half-open and trying desperately to stay that way. My brain only half engaged and burning what little fuel it had on …

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Jan 30

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #001 – Origin Story

Episode #001 – Origin Story In the pilot episode of the Remodeling Clay Podcast, I fly solo and attempt to answer the question “Why should I listen to you?” Talking Points Vision for the Podcast Cliff’s Note Version of my weight loss journey The rest of my “remodeling” resume YOU: Under Construction Special Thanks Thank …

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Jan 23

A Philosophy on Fear

“I’ve been reading a ton of ancient philosophy lately…” (buzz) “What are Common Lies Found on an E-Harmony Profile, Alex?” (ding) Yeah, that was my first reaction when I wrote it. “The Wife” is in the homestretch of advancing her degree with nothing but a couple of requisite Nurse Management classes, Organic Chemistry and one …

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Oct 22

Race Recap: Detroit Marathon 2013

So often when I’m working through an idea for a post here, I lock into a concept and then try to find clever ways to slowly unwrap it for you.  Kind of a verbal striptease with my excessive use of ellipses being the grammatical pasties that cover up my real intentions.  It’s a little verbal …

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Oct 09

No Worries

“It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t scared going into it.” Though I don’t make a habit of eavesdropping, that was my wife’s side of a conversation she was having with a co-worker yesterday as she walked into the house.  The Wife, in her current position, has found herself in a role that she didn’t …

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Jul 31

Dream Interpretation

As I labored through the ankle-deep mud, I could see the lights of the field in the distance.  My fellow fantasy campers had already started to warm-up in preparation for our final test – an exhibition game against a team of Hollywood celebrities.  Each step through the thick muck seemed to put me a step …

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Jul 08

Eight Is Enough?: Field Testing The 8 Hour Diet — Week 1

8 Hour Diet

Most accepted statistics show that approximately 50 million people each year go on a diet. While that number at first blush seems astounding, most “experts” agree that this is just a fraction of the actual number of people who are trying to implement some type of method for controlling their weight through their eating plan. …

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Jun 14

No Competition

I’m a competitive guy. Though I like to use a gaggle of different adjectives to describe myself, when you strip it down to its most basic components, the one attribute that seems to trump most others is my natural competitive instincts.  For better or worse, that gene seems to dominate my personality.  I’m kind of a …

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