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Jun 23

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #126 – What’s Your Jaguar?

Ep126 Jaguar

Episode #126 – What’s Your Jaguar? In this episode, Clay continues the conversation about comparison by inviting long-time contributor David Dollar to tell his “Bank Jaguar” story. The boys dig into the dangers of comparison and how sacrifice plays a key role. He also challenged listeners to figure out what their personal Jaguar is and the power …

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Jan 03

Your Story: Chapter One

Your Story

As I was working on my yearly list of goals and intentional acts for the New Year, I did something this year that I hadn’t done in quite a while.  Like blowing the dust off of an old diary, I retraced my digital footprints and read through some old BLOGs and articles that I had …

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Nov 21

Tell It

I was at a foot specialist the other day getting what ended up being good news about a marathon-related injury when the topic of conversation swung where, these days, it always seems to inevitably go. Whether it’s socially, professionally or, like this case, even medically, the moment always seems to present itself and there’s nothing …

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