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Apr 15

Running a Marathon Didn’t Change My Life

Running a Marathon Didn't Change My Life

With legs of jelly and pain in places that I didn’t realize I had places, I’ll never forget turning that final corner. Wiping away the stinging combination of sweat and disbelief, two things simultaneously came into focus that, just a few minutes earlier, I was sure I’d never see again. Yet, with every step, my …

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Oct 22

Race Recap: Detroit Marathon 2013

So often when I’m working through an idea for a post here, I lock into a concept and then try to find clever ways to slowly unwrap it for you.  Kind of a verbal striptease with my excessive use of ellipses being the grammatical pasties that cover up my real intentions.  It’s a little verbal …

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Jul 16

Running Through My Mind

Long before I decided to run this marathon… Long before I ran my first 5K… Long before I used running as my chief form of exercise… Long before I even owned a pair of running shoes… …I had friends who were runners.  Crazy, crazy friends who were runners. The concept of finding pleasure in running …

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Jun 26


Last Saturday, me and about 150 of my “closest friends” that I’ll be running the marathon with this October (shout out to Team World Vision!) gathered in a local city for the first of what will be weekly group training runs from now until the event.  Smaller groups have been popping up over the weeks …

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May 24

Flashback Friday — “36:04”

I was doing one of the long runs in my base training this week and my mind was doing its usual short-attention span theater that I use to keep myself from simply repeating “right foot-left foot-right foot-left foot” for the entire length of my run.  Around the time I was hitting my fifth mile, my …

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