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Feb 16

The Weekend Review (2/11 – 2/15/13)

When I click “PUBLISH” on this post, my brood and I will pile into the Family Truckster and head west for a long weekend in what is ironically my Second (favorite) City – that I haven’t lived in – Chicago.  The kids are on, what our school district calls, Mid-Winter Break on Monday and Tuesday, …

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Jan 11

REclaim Check

On January 1st, I challenged all of you to join in REclaiming 13.  Together we’re going to wash all of the stank and negativity off the old gal and make 2013 our year.  Not through grandiose resolutions with absolute drop-dead dates and unrealistic expectations.  Fact is… they don’t work.  People just don’t follow through on …

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Jan 01

REclaiming 13

Quick. What’s the fist thing you think of when you hear 13? Bad luck? Friday the 13th? Cursed? Jinx? Does any number have a worse PR guy than 13? What are the positive things associated with 13? I’ll wait. … … Yeah, I only came up with one.  A Baker’s Dozen donuts.  And, well, I’d …

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