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Mar 30

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #166 – Want

ep166 want

Episode #166 – Want In this episode, Clay takes a lesson from the mouths of babes about the myth of want. He discusses the power, the good news/bad news and the reality. Plus, he resets the BEST VERSION OF YOU and explains why he’s a lot like Dr. Phil. Talking Points & References Intro Spring Break …

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Mar 23

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #165 – Bustle

ep165 bustle

Episode #165 – Bustle In this episode, Clay rolls out the trusty soap box to talk perspective and gratitude. He gives you a taste of some Hustle and Bustle fan fiction. Plus, why it only takes one listener to make a successful show. All that and your usual dose of all things BEST VERSION OF YOU. …

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Dec 04

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #045 – Hindsight & Patience

ep45 hindsight

Episode #045 – Hindsight & Patience In this episode, Clay freestyles an observation on finishing strong, the truth about first and last days and the reality of hindsight. He discusses what’s more important than the right or wrong thing and closes the show with a challenge about patience and the BEST VERSION OF YOU. Talking …

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Nov 27

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #044 – Next Steps, Value & Thankfulness


Episode #044 – Next Steps, Value & Thankfulness In this episode, Clay talks about the thankfulness, value and the trouble with the next step. He checks the INBOX for a question and tells you why changing one little word can change the whole narrative. Talking Points & References INTRO Docent The BEST VERSION OF YOU …

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Nov 20

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #043 – Fear, Perspective & Perfection

Ep43 fear

Episode #043 – Fear, Perspective & Perfection In this episode, Clay dedicates the entire episode to FEAR. The roles fear plays in our lives, the quiet power and the most dangerous type. Plus, a CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK to spend time where fear doesn’t live. Talking Points & References INTRO FEAR Perspective The most impactful …

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Nov 13

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #042 – Striking at the Root

Ep42 Striking at the Root

Episode #042 – Striking at the Root In this episode, Clay uses one of his favorite quotes to talk about striking at the root in life. He takes a question from the INBOX and shares how weight loss surgery relates to the BEST VERSION OF YOU. Talking Points & References Intro Ear Bud: David Mike Our …

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Nov 06

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #041 – Fast Thinking


Episode #041 – Fast Thinking In this episode, Clay shares his experience with the danger of routine and the importance of chance. He explains why he fasts for perspective and why hunger is about more than food. Talking Points & References Intro Not a cult Not one size fits all What does the BEST VERSION …

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May 21


Yesterday, a two-mile wide tornado ripped through parts of Oklahoma leaving a wake of destruction and the tragedy of lost lives that we still don’t know the full magnitude of at this moment.  To put myself in the shoes of the people going through that heart-breaking reality is almost unfathomable.  And, it gives me perspective. …

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