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Jan 01

It’s About TIME: A Futile Battle With The One Word Trend

one word

For most of December, I saw them popping up all over social media. As we rounded third and started heading towards the New Year, they were flooding every feed that I have. From close friends and long-lost classmates to some of the most successful folks I know, no matter which way I turned or linked …

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Jan 31

30 Down

If you’re like most people, you made some type of commitment going into the New Year.  Maybe it was to yourself.  Get in shape.  Quit smoking.  Eat better.  Exercise more.  Go back to school.  Maybe it was to work on your relationships.  Be friendlier.  Spend more time with the kids.  Help the wife or husband …

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Jan 24

Cold Snap

Every January there is a tradition in the area of the world that I live in.  If you don’t know, I live in the Northern Midwest – the Metro Detroit Area to be specific – and each time we move into the heart of winter, I witness the same phenomenon.  For almost 40 years now, …

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