Mar 24

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #113 – Makers, Managers & Cinderellas

Ep113 makers

Episode #113 – Makers, Managers & Cinderellas In this episode, Clay checks the INBOX to talk about the struggles of #FUNEmployment by looking at the Makers and the Managers. He proposes a change from schedule to system. And brings back the #SportsGoSports segment for a March Madness segment on Cinderellas and the BEST VERSION OF …

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Apr 09

Big Fan

The morning after. If you’re a sports fan… you’ve definitely been there. You reluctantly pour yourself out of bed knowing how the next few days or even weeks are going to be. Every paper you open, the stories will be there. Every website you visit, it’ll be splashed across the screen. Every time you turn …

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Mar 22

The Losing Team

Whether you follow college basketball or not, it’s difficult to avoid the NCAA Tournament and the subsequent “March Madness” that ensues.  It fills multiple television channels.  It’s all over the internet.  Brackets, buzzer beaters and “Cinderellas” are the talk of the water cooler.  From the big schools like Duke and Michigan State to the tiny …

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