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Apr 20

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #169 – The Good People

Episode #169 – The Good People In this episode, Clay explains his theory on the good people. He talks about work, the myth of brokenness and how an Easter Egg Hunt reminded him of the Best Version of You. Talking Points & References Intro Tacit agreement Broken Work The Good People Easter Egg Hunt The …

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Apr 13

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #168 – Third Base

Episode #168 – Third Base In this episode, Clay discusses the BEST VERSION OF YOU option and revisits the origin of the show. Plus, he stands on third base for the #DadLife story about how unexceptional his children are. Talking Points & References Intro Origin Story Best Version of You The option Chipping away Third Base …

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Apr 06

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #167 – Common Sense

Episode #167 – Common Sense In this episode, Clay dips into the INBOX for a simply complex lesson on common sense. He explains why being easy isn’t enough, breaks down the BIG 3 of Self Help and tells you what Wrestlemania 3 taught him about the BEST VERSION OF YOU. Talking Points & References Intro …

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May 24

Flashback Friday — “36:04”

I was doing one of the long runs in my base training this week and my mind was doing its usual short-attention span theater that I use to keep myself from simply repeating “right foot-left foot-right foot-left foot” for the entire length of my run.  Around the time I was hitting my fifth mile, my …

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May 14

“Hi Mom!”

Lounging on the couch Sunday with a belly full of Mother’s Day Brunch, I happened upon a short little segment on ESPN’s Sportscenter where they discussed the evolution and the relative disappearance of the classic “Hi Mom!” when an athlete is shown on TV.  It’s only three and half minutes… I’ll wait for you to …

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May 01


It was about 6:30 in the evening and we’d just finished the first long, relaxing family dinner in what felt like months.  As the dog circled the table like Jaws looking for any crumbs that may have fallen to the floor, my little party of four just kind of sat there quietly waiting for someone …

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Apr 29

The Spin Cycle

There was about a decade long run during my childhood where I spent time there essentially every single week.  Not just a quick appearance either.  I would literally give four to six hours of that precious manna from heaven that we called the weekend in what became familiar servitude.  Dragged, occasionally kicking and screaming, down …

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Dec 21

Fear Is Not The End of the World

“You know the world’s coming to an end on December 21, 2012?” I don’t remember where or when I first heard it, but I remember my reaction. “Hmmmm…yep… that sounds about right.” I didn’t know anything about the Mayans, the long count, planetary alignments or any of the dozens and dozens of theories that were …

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