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Oct 22

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #091 – Jung at Heart

Ep91 Jung

Episode #091 – Jung at Heart In this episode, Clay talks about why we want to put ourselves in boxes by comparing the Myers-Briggs to the man who inspired it – Carl Jung. He also shares a parenting story for a lesson on the on-off switch of action and how it impacts the BEST VERSION OF YOU. …

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Jan 29

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #053 – The Right Size & The Wrong Direction

Ep53 Wrong Direction

Episode #053 – The Right Size & The Wrong Direction In this episode, Clay celebrates the 1 Year Anniversary of the Podcast by talking about the truth of going in the wrong direction. He also talks about the one size fits all myth, tries to nail the Triple Lindy of inspirational quotes and shares a chance for a Do Over. Talking Points …

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Sep 18

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #034 – Ear Buds, Exercise & Stress Monkeys

Ear Buds Exercise Stress

Episode #034 – Ear Buds, Exercise & Stress Monkeys In this episode, Clay officially gives you a name. He dips into the INBOX for a question on exercise, admits he’s a Stress Monkey and uses Mark Twain to talk worry. Talking Points & References Intro The original vision for the show vs what it is becoming …

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