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Dec 12

Like a Movie: Being Intentional with Food

Be Intentional

Getting back into a more deliberate and intentional pattern with my eating is a lot like going to the movies. In today’s world of convenience and instant access at your fingertips, I can watch a movie on one of multiple TV’s in my home, my computer, my tablet or even my phone.  I can watch …

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Dec 04

Off The Scale: Letting Go Of Weight Loss Numbers

Off the scale - weight loss numbers

The questions were the same as they are each time I find myself in this position… it was the answers that had changed drastically. How much do you need to lose? Don’t know. Well, what do you weigh now? Don’t know. How will you know when you’re there? I’ll know. I’m putting the scale away …

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Dec 03

Back On Track: Admitting You Have A Problem Isn’t Enough

Back On Track Weight Loss

Confession. In the last five weeks, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. Not sure exactly how much (more on that tomorrow), but the extra “oomph” it takes to button my jeans and the slightly larger surface area when I shave my face tells me all I need to know. I know how it happened, …

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