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Jan 03

Your Story: Chapter One

Your Story

As I was working on my yearly list of goals and intentional acts for the New Year, I did something this year that I hadn’t done in quite a while.  Like blowing the dust off of an old diary, I retraced my digital footprints and read through some old BLOGs and articles that I had …

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Jan 01

It’s About TIME: A Futile Battle With The One Word Trend

one word

For most of December, I saw them popping up all over social media. As we rounded third and started heading towards the New Year, they were flooding every feed that I have. From close friends and long-lost classmates to some of the most successful folks I know, no matter which way I turned or linked …

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Apr 15

Assisting on the Goal

I had a conversation this weekend with someone who is starting the Weight Watchers online program today.  They’ve been on a long and successful weight-loss journey and are hoping to use WW as a means of jump-starting that last 20-30 pounds before the finish line.  Having been on that lengthy road myself and spending the …

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