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Jul 21

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #130 – Q & Clay IV: Gurus, Girls & Growth

Ep130 growth

Episode #130 – Q & Clay IV: Gurus, Girls & Growth In this episode, Clay has all of the A’s to your Q’s as we hit the Facebook Community and INBOX for this super sized show. He talks growth, movies, LaunchOut, rest and Lions’ football. Plus, he welcomes “The Little Shavers” back by popular demand for …

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Jul 01

Priceless: The Real Value of $1 Flip Flops

$1 flip flops

The chatter started in about April. “Dad… Dad… Dad… Do we know when $1 flip flops is?” I didn’t, but I assured them we’d hear. “Dad… we’re going right? Old Navy. $1 flip flops. We’re going again this summer?” This was April… in Michigan. The ground was still so “frozen” that little kids were trying …

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Jun 14

Where’s My Brunch? – The Great Father’s Day Scam

Father's Day

Every May the refrain is familiar. Every year it’s the same. Every commercial on T.V. perpetuates it. Every ad on the radio hammers it home. They lay the guilt on thicker than the artisanal bacon at that new hip pop-up butcher. Don’t forget Mom. Make sure Mom knows how special she is. Take Mom to …

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Apr 15

Running a Marathon Didn’t Change My Life

Running a Marathon Didn't Change My Life

With legs of jelly and pain in places that I didn’t realize I had places, I’ll never forget turning that final corner. Wiping away the stinging combination of sweat and disbelief, two things simultaneously came into focus that, just a few minutes earlier, I was sure I’d never see again. Yet, with every step, my …

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Jan 31

Finding Your Legs


The clock on the top right corner of the screen read 5:45 A.M.  The same as it had each of the last five mornings. I stood in my basement office half awake. My eyes half-open and trying desperately to stay that way. My brain only half engaged and burning what little fuel it had on …

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Dec 12

Like a Movie: Being Intentional with Food

Be Intentional

Getting back into a more deliberate and intentional pattern with my eating is a lot like going to the movies. In today’s world of convenience and instant access at your fingertips, I can watch a movie on one of multiple TV’s in my home, my computer, my tablet or even my phone.  I can watch …

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Nov 05

Parents Are Liars

Parents are liars

What I could see of his eyes through the big swollen bags beneath looked red and weary.  His hair and his shirt both shared the same unkempt and slightly dirty look.  He yawned through giant slugs off his third cup of coffee before mustering up the energy to even put words together. “This little one …

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Oct 31

Hard Candy Lessons

If you’ve done a lap of the inter-webs in the last 24 hours, you’ve likely seen the story about the North Dakota woman who, and I’m using this word as it’s written, MAY be handing out letters to Trick-or-Treaters that she personally deems too obese to receive candy.  Her plan, as she claims, is not …

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Oct 22

Race Recap: Detroit Marathon 2013

So often when I’m working through an idea for a post here, I lock into a concept and then try to find clever ways to slowly unwrap it for you.  Kind of a verbal striptease with my excessive use of ellipses being the grammatical pasties that cover up my real intentions.  It’s a little verbal …

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Oct 02

Fat Trainer: My Parenting Hypocrisy

fat trainer

The Kindle sat on the end table in the family room mocking me. It didn’t move or make a sound. It just laid there ominously. Taunting me from just inside my peripheral vision. I knew what was waiting for me inside the faux-leather case that covered the gadget. I remembered, not only the task to …

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