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Oct 23

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #039 – Why Everyone Should Run a 5K

Run a 5K Ep39

Episode #039 – Why Everyone Should Run a 5K In this episode, Clay gives you 8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Run a 5K. He also recaps his big run this weekend, gives free ideas to Buzzfeed and deems you Podcast pioneers. Talking Points & References Intro Podcast Pioneers Buzzfeed Race Recap The original game plan …

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Oct 21

Race Recap: Detroit International Marathon 2014

Detroit Marathon Race Recap 2014

“Congratulations! You did it!” The smile in the eyes of this total stranger perfectly matched the beaming grin across her face. I pulled the corners of my own mouth up into an appreciative grin as I lowered my head just enough for her to get the lanyard around it. The medal was heavier than I’d …

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Apr 15

Running a Marathon Didn’t Change My Life

Running a Marathon Didn't Change My Life

With legs of jelly and pain in places that I didn’t realize I had places, I’ll never forget turning that final corner. Wiping away the stinging combination of sweat and disbelief, two things simultaneously came into focus that, just a few minutes earlier, I was sure I’d never see again. Yet, with every step, my …

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Oct 22

Race Recap: Detroit Marathon 2013

So often when I’m working through an idea for a post here, I lock into a concept and then try to find clever ways to slowly unwrap it for you.  Kind of a verbal striptease with my excessive use of ellipses being the grammatical pasties that cover up my real intentions.  It’s a little verbal …

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Sep 16

The Most Powerful Verb

I was already well into the third mile when the sun finally started peeking above the horizon.  This past Saturday morning, like the dozen before it, I quietly left the house in the pitch black stillness that you only seem to find at “stupid o’clock”.  The kids were still sawing logs in their rooms as …

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Jun 17

Back To Day One

The paper hangs inside the cabinet door where I keep my headphones and stopwatch.  It’s a perfect black and white, which stands in stark contrast to the one that it replaced.  The sheet I took down, which spelled out my base training routine, was covered with so much colorful ink that it looked like a …

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Apr 23

Get On Base

25 weeks from now, I will be standing at the end of the Detroit Free Press Marathon after completing my 26.2 mile journey knowing that I got there very intentionally.  You don’t run a marathon by accident.  You don’t just stumble out the door, trip into a jog, and end up at the finish line …

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Mar 29

A Pledge For A Pledge

When I told you a couple of weeks ago that I had committed to running my first marathon in October, I gave you fair warning that I was bringing you along on the journey.  I told you there would be talk of the training.  I cautioned you that the tough times would be mentioned.  I …

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