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Nov 24

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #148 – Middle Children & Seasons

Ep148 seasons

Episode #148 – Middle Children & Seasons In this episode, Clay welcomes winter with talk of seasons in our life and their impact on the BEST VERSION OF YOU. He also welcomes you to his Thanksgiving table and explains why it’s the Middle Child of holidays. Talking Points & References Intro Thanksgiving Middle Child of Holidays 5 reasons …

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Dec 29

The Weekend Review (12/24 – 12/28/12)

“A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.” — Garrison Keillor Another Christmas Day has come and gone.  Scotch tape and wrapping paper shrapnel still lingers in the carpet.  The final tear of tissue still rings through the air.  The kids have barely had …

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Dec 26

Cold Reality

Everyone has this perfect picture in their head of what Christmas is going to be.  So much planning and preparation goes into those couple of days, heck, in many cases, couple hours of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in hopes of ensuring the perfect holiday moment(s).  There’s no yearly event packed with more high expectations …

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Dec 20

Cell Block

  At the risk of becoming like your Grandma when she first got an AOL E-mail address, I’m sharing another things I saw on the internet this week.  I promise I won’t start forwarding you pictures of kittens, conspiracy theories or the Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe. I love creativity. I think one of the best things …

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Dec 11

The Talk

Scream Kid

The Wife and I had “The Talk” with The Girls on Sunday night. It was time. They’re becoming young ladies. In less than two months, they’ll be 11 and 13.  One firmly entrenched in the teen years with the other nipping at her already too high of heels. It was probably overdue. The frequency of …

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Dec 10

Manic Monday – Feel The Burn

On Saturday morning, “The Girls” decided to join my for that days’ P90X workout.  It was day six of this new cycle that I kicked off last week and it would be my only one of the weekend.  Much like God himself, me and Tony Horton rest on Sundays.  My little training partners spent about …

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Dec 08

Target Practice

Target Carts

The Wife had a “night out” last night, so, after CJ’s final volleyball game of the fall season (Go Blue Jays!), we decided to go out for a little dinner and do our version of window shopping.  With the classic main street window shopping being unavailable in modern times, heck, even our great little hometown …

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Dec 06

Party On


This past Saturday, The Wife and I went to one of those new en vogue-upscale-bowling alley-meets-dance clubs to participate in the Holiday Party thrown by the company that I still technically work for.  I say technically because I actually quit the job back in March – they just haven’t let me leave yet.  This was …

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Nov 13

No Thanks: 5 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Middle Child of Holidays


We know our own kind. We have an unspoken connection that we all feel. We share a knowing nod when we pass on the street. We know what we’ve been through. We know the feeling. We know what it is to be…. the Middle Child. The Middle Child. Not the oldest… the pride and joy. …

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