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Nov 27

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #044 – Next Steps, Value & Thankfulness


Episode #044 – Next Steps, Value & Thankfulness In this episode, Clay talks about the thankfulness, value and the trouble with the next step. He checks the INBOX for a question and tells you why changing one little word can change the whole narrative. Talking Points & References INTRO Docent The BEST VERSION OF YOU …

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Nov 26

Manic Monday – Leftovers


One of the “joys” of being a tele-commuter is that I’m the one tasked with dropping the girls off at school in the morning.  As I pulled up to the Middle School this morning for my first delivery, I noticed something unique.  GiGi likes to get to school about 10 minutes early everyday because she …

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Nov 23

Black Friday Matinee

What Would Jesus Buy?

If I could have my absolute dream job today, I think I would choose to be a Documentary Filmmaker.  I devour documentaries.  They don’t have to be great.  I don’t have to care about the subject matter before hand.  From short-subject pieces to 12-hour Ken Burns epics, if it’s a Doc, I’ve either either seen …

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Nov 13

No Thanks: 5 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Middle Child of Holidays


We know our own kind. We have an unspoken connection that we all feel. We share a knowing nod when we pass on the street. We know what we’ve been through. We know the feeling. We know what it is to be…. the Middle Child. The Middle Child. Not the oldest… the pride and joy. …

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