Aug 31

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #188 – Booster Shot

ep188 booster shotEpisode #188 – Booster Shot

In this episode, Clay turns the podcast into a booster shot of practical encouragement. Plus, a check into the INBOX to discuss the reality of the past, labels, opportunity and the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • Booster Shot
    • Masonry Staples
    • Diff’rent Strokes
    • “Haunted by the Past” (Dee in Illinois)
      • Round of applause
      • Your past only defines who you’ve been
      • The opportunity to define daily
      • Labels
      • No control over tomorrow until it becomes today
  • Challenge of the Week
    • Did my actions today define who I am?
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    • 313.986.1766
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Quote(s) of the Week

“Once you label me, you negate me.” – Søren Kierkegaard

Questions & Comments

If you would like to discuss this week’s episode, please leave your comments below.  I would love to interact with you!

Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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