Dec 08

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #150 – Unsaid

ep150 unsaidEpisode #150 – Unsaid

In this episode, Clay throws a sullen 150th episode party with talk of opportunity and things unsaid. He recaps a rough week, his first experience with a Motivational Speaker and explains why he’s a lot like George Michael.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • Last Christmas
    • In the beginning
    • Best Version of You
  • Unsaid
    • Cole
    • Dad
    • Don’t leave anything unsaid
    • 8th Grade Motivation
    • What you say and what they need to hear

Quote(s) of the Week

“If you believe that opportunity is the greatest gift we receive, prove it by not wasting it.”

Questions & Comments

If you would like to discuss this week’s episode, please leave your comments below.  I would love to interact with you!

Please let me know what topics you’d like to cover or guests you’d like to hear from in future episodes of the Podcast.


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