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Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #037 – Stones, Free & Finish Lines

ep37 paralysis by analysisEpisode #037 – Stones, Free & Finish Lines

In this episode, Clay talks about paralysis by analysis and how it relates to David, Goliath and the BEST VERSION OF YOU. He also dips into the INBOX and talks LeBron James, finish lines and the power of free.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • The benefits of driving the bus
    • Catch up on the interviews

    • “…what’s the finish line? How do I know when I’m the BEST VERSION OF ME?” (Veronica)
      • Bad news and really, really good news
      • There is no finish line
        • “…there is no end zone… you never cross the goal line… spike the ball and do your touchdown dance…” – Frank Buchman (Jason Robards) in “Parenthood”
      • Good news is that it isn’t a race or a competition
      • LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet, but he’s not satisfied
      • Having gifts is one thing, but being willing to work and not accepting good enough makes the difference
      • The BEST VERSION of LeBron James wants to get more from his gifts
      • Socrates – “I know that I know nothing”
      • The BEST VERSION OF ME… knows that there will never be a BEST VERSION OF ME
    • “…strangest thing you learned as an adult that you didn’t know as a kid?” (Jodi)
      • The way people behave when something is free!
      • Losing your mind for a T-Shirt
      • Costco, free lunch and the “plate toppers”
      • Halloween
      • Tweet me yours!  #RCPod
  • Paralysis By Analysis
    • Releasing Episode #001 was one of the healthiest things I’ve ever done
    • The cliche of paralysis by analysis
      • Aesop’s Fable
        • The Fox and The Cat
        • “Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon”
    • Fill our lives with “what ifs” to avoid movement
    • Paralysis by analysis is the BFF of fear
    • The Story of David & Goliath
      • Biblical text
      • Gladwell’s book
      • Simple shepherd boy vs a giant
      • Trusted that his God was bigger than fear
      • But he also trusted his stone – experience, gifts, skills
    • What’s your stone?
    • Nothing moves the needle until you throw that stone
    • You’ll be the same person tomorrow, next week and next year if you let fear keep the stone in your hand
    • We all have one… the BEST VERSION OF YOU… is willing to throw it!

Quote(s) of the Week

“FREE is the siren song of the savage!”

Questions & Comments

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    • Jane Tuttle on October 14, 2014 at 7:33 pm
    • Reply

    Lots of good info in this podcast. Love the new look for the podcast. Need to remember there is no finish line. Good luck at the Marathon.

      • Clay on October 15, 2014 at 12:51 am
      • Reply

      Thanks, Jane!!! Appreciate all the support!

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