Oct 16

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #038 – Finding Balance w/ Amy Latta

Amy Latta Ep38Episode #038 – Finding Balance w/ Amy Latta

In this episode, Clay welcomes Amy Latta (@IAmAmyLatta) to the show to talk health, fitness, self-worth, diets and how to find the balance of all of them. He also issues a CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK centered on finding the right balance instead of just the simplest.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • Life in “Apple-ville”
  • Amy Latta
    • Origin Story
      • From a long line of nomads
      • Health & Fitness did not come naturally – not athletic
    • Changing her Health & Fitness focus
      • Very average kid who hated her body but didn’t do anything
      • Didn’t get serious about fitness till mid-20’s
      • Lost and gained a lot of weight
      • Three years ago – having health issues, challenged a doctor on whether it might be diet and not something that needed a prescription
      • Did her own research and turned out to be a severe allergy that would have gone undiagnosed without taking control of her own journey
      • Food really effects our bodies far beyond the “skinny stuff” that we focus on
      • After Dad passed away (too soon)… knew that she wanted to help people
    • Self-Worth
      • The idea came from actively coaching people through very specific programs and challenges
      • People lost weight, but they didn’t maintain because they always wanted to go back to “normal”
      • Tipping point came when her teenage daughter asked, “How is the diet going?”
      • Never wanted my children to think I was in a perpetual state of restriction
      • When we look in the mirror, we always look at what’s awful
      • We treat diet and exercise as a punishment for bad behavior
      • Self-worth is looking in the mirror and not seeing how you’re going to punish your body, but how you’re going to cherish it.
    • The Balance between Self-Worth and Health
      • Finally working through this right now
      • I’m no longer driven by this, but it’s a VERY delicate balance
      • You do need to make a change, but it has to be the right way
      • I don’t want to use your disgust to motivate you, I want to use the love.
      • The marriage of self-worth and practical diet and exercise is where we need to focus
      • Saying “this is MY life” is so critical
    • What is the Health & Fitness world doing right these days?
      • Growing the idea that the food that you put in your body (and the quality of it) is critical
      • We need to teach our kids how to cook and how to choose good food
      • Stress the importance of the exercise that works for you
    • Fitness as a status symbol
      • The best exercise is the one that works for you
      • The only thing that matters is the exercise that gets you up every day
    •  Messages to teenagers
      • Every generation says how much things have changed
      • Our children NEVER get a break
      • We are now our own media
    • The pressure of fitness
      • Starts early – grade school
      • Very early you’re made to feel that you have unattractive body parts
    • What can we change?
      • It’s important for adults to be able to look in the mirror and like what they see
      • It’s not easy and requires great persistence
      • Write down all of the things you DON’T like about you
      • Write down all of the things you like
      • Go back to the negatives and find a counterpoint
      • Look at your negatives and find what’s good about them
    • The BEST VERSION of Amy Latta
    • Find Amy Latta online

Quote(s) of the Week

“Self-worth is about looking at your negatives and seeing what is great about them” – Amy Latta

More About Our Guest

Amy Latta is a writer, speaker, coach, personal trainer (the fun kind), and Certified Nutrition Coach (not the food-police kind). Blend this together with brave and silly, and you have someone who helps others live healthy lives – mind, body, and soul. Amy shares her journey so others can discover their self-worth and be inspired to grow. She’s a wife and mom/stepmom to three kids.

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