Aug 14

Remodeling Clay Podcast: Episode #029 – Smoking, Trolls & Iron

trollsEpisode #029 – Smoking, Trolls & Iron


In this episode, Clay talks about trolls, haters and why you should always be iron. He dips into the INBOX for a question about smoking and the return of #DollarMakesSense with David Dollar.

Talking Points & References

  • Intro
    • A little outside of the box this week
    • Less about who you are and more about how you respond

    • “…tips on battling smoking and weight loss?” (Darley in New Jersey)
      • Same personal battle
      • A few more details not captured in my origin story
      • How the times have changed
      • We can’t quit one as a substitute for the other – No “Get Out of Jail Free”
      • Smoking takes 9 years off your life expectancy, Obesity takes 11
      • So much you’ll miss
      • Selfishness
      • Tips
        • Treat them the same
        • Don’t pretend we live in a world where they don’t exist
        • Be proud that you’re making the choices despite the opportunity
  • Trolls & Haters
    • The truth about haters
    • “Kill the man” – You’re in the game!
    • The social contract as a content producer
    • No such thing as a Hater… good, bad or indifferent – they are all consumers
    • Trolls exist outside of the internet
      • That guy at the office
      • The person who bad mouths their spouse
      • The eye roller
    • Trolls don’t improve – they’re comfortable with a stationary position
    • The goal is to get you to be stationary
  • Challenge of the Week
    • Always Be Iron
      • Iron sharpens iron, but it has to rub against it to work
      • The world will never be in lockstep with you 100% of the time
      • Trolls will never sharpen your iron
      • Do the one thing you can control – always be iron!
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Quote(s) of the Week

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another…” – Proverbs 27:17

“Always be iron!”

Questions & Comments

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