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Spring Cleaning: 7-Day Juice Cleanse – Day 4

juice cleanseDid you eat?

I’ve heard from a few people who started with on Monday and about 75% are reporting that they caved and ate at least a little something on either Day 2 or 3.

It happens.

I don’t have numbers to support it, but I would have to think that a majority of people who try to go juice only for 7 days, at least have a nibble somewhere along the lines.

How did you respond to it?

Are you back on the juice or write off the whole experiment as “wasn’t for me”?

Day 3 Recap

I’m still 100% juiced.

Not “juice-shaming” anyone that slipped, just telling you where I’m at.

Day 3 was tough.

I was very tired all day. In fact, I skipped exercise because I simply didn’t have the energy.

I had a rough day with my juice as well. This happened during my last run at a 7-day juice cleanse. I just got a bad taste in my mouth (literally and figuratively) for every type of juice I had. I had to kind of force it down to make sure I got some nutrition.

It may just be a by-product of having the same tastes over and over, but it’s super important to get that juice down one way or another. It’s all your nutrition. Trying to make a go on water alone won’t cut it for long.

What Am I Drinking?

I’m taking today off of the MEAN GREEN JUICE. I’ve just had my fill.

Planning on playing with some new fruit flavors and I found one that will still get my greens.

  • 1 1/2 cups fresh pineapple
  • 4 stalks celery
  • 1/2 head kale

Seems like an odd combination to me, but I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

Juice Cleanse Reminders

I say it everyday, but it’s extra important as we get into the later days…


There is a lot of “gunk” breaking loose right now and your body needs water to flush it.

If you did eat a little something… so be it.

Stick with us.

Juice all day and have a light meal.

Chew on an apple while you’re making juice.

There’s value in the experience even if it isn’t what you envisioned as perfect when you started.

Learn something.

Get something out of this.


Did you make it here? Are you still with us?


Disclaimer (Because I have to…): I’m not a Doctor. I don’t pretend to be a Doctor. I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express. If you want to join us for the juice cleanse, know that you are doing it 100% of your own decision and will. Any information that I share is based solely on my own personal experience and not intended to be conveyed as medical knowledge. In other words, no lifeguard on duty… swim at your own risk.

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