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Your Story: Chapter One

Your StoryAs I was working on my yearly list of goals and intentional acts for the New Year, I did something this year that I hadn’t done in quite a while.  Like blowing the dust off of an old diary, I retraced my digital footprints and read through some old BLOGs and articles that I had written right in the beginning of this life remodel that I undertook.  Besides being horrified by my affront on the English language and basic rules of grammar (some things never change), I was really struck by the sadness and anger in some of my words.

The author was beaten by life.

He was done.

He was defeated.

He was a confused 33 year old man living north of 425 pounds who was lashing out at the one and only circumstance that got him to that position – HIMSELF.

Through all the rants and self-focused vitriol, I did manage to dig out one line that I really liked.  While I hate to be that guy on the internet that quotes himself, I’m making an exception here.  While talking about where he was at that exact moment… I wrote these words…

“I made a decision to stop always making the easy decisions and start making the best ones.”

It was early in 2007 and the guy who I was then was discussing where he was just a few months into the road back to health.

My story then was barely into the opening pages of Chapter One.

That guy had no vision of where it was going.

There was no thoughts of how he would use it to motivate others.

He had no designs on sharing his story with anyone else.

In that moment, it was all about where I was.  The things I’d done to get to that exact point in time.  It had nothing to do with the destination… only the path… and the view where I was standing.

No matter what the journey is, we often we get so laser-focused on where we want to go, we completely lose sight of where we are.

You can’t skip right from “once upon a time” to “happily ever after” without filling in the pages in between.

That is your story.

Build your story where you are… not where you’re going.

It’s OK to dream about what the ending looks like, but the reality is on the page in front of you.

Build your story where you are.

Your happy ending may just write itself.


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  1. An absolute perfect instruction, Clay. “Build your story where you are … not where you’re going.” I don’t know enough about you yet to know your spiritual walk but when I read that line I thought immediately of Christ who meets us right where we are every day. No thought to the past (don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes) – not one word about the future (you can’t wish the change) – but today (this moment). Its a freeing and inspiring way to live and I am learning this and leaning heavily on Him for my own change to healthy living.
    Thank you for this, Clay.

      • Clay on January 3, 2014 at 1:54 pm
      • Reply

      Felecia –

      I could not agree more. I love your take. With faith, we trust that the story is already written… so why bother reading ahead??? Enjoy the story.

      Thanks for sharing!!!

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