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It’s About TIME: A Futile Battle With The One Word Trend

one wordFor most of December, I saw them popping up all over social media.

As we rounded third and started heading towards the New Year, they were flooding every feed that I have.

From close friends and long-lost classmates to some of the most successful folks I know, no matter which way I turned or linked I clicked, I heard people talking about their one word for 2014.

“2014 for me is about being INTENTIONAL.”

“This is the year that I make CHANGE.”

“PATIENCE is the one word that will guide my year.”

The New Year’s Resolution has been slain… long live the one word!!

Not this kid.

I was out.  Not playing the game.  Not jumping on the bandwagon.  I’m old school.  I’m not down with the “Gangham Style”/Pet Rock/flash in the pan version of goal-setting.  I’d stick to the tried and true list format.  A nice categorized and numbered scroll, just as God intended it.  Keep your ONE word… I’ve got thousands!!!

So I wrote… and I planned.

I scribbled them down and I scratched them out.

I categorized, alphabatized and, (because my kids would see it) in many cases, sanitized.

Bullet after bullet and line after line, I left nothing too big or too small off the list.

Goals.  Deliverables.  Mindful acts that I wanted to be sure to focus on in 2014.

Family.  Running.  Health.  Social Media.  This site.  From little reminders to pie in the sky dreams.

I poured into it, over it and through it a hundred times when something strange struck me out of the blue.


It was everywhere.  Goal after goal.  In every reminder.  In each line I found it.

Oh crap… I’ve got a word.

I was going to be the guy that bucked the trend.  I was going to be that one shining beacon in the harbor that told people, “You can do it the old school way!  Don’t get into the One Word Light!”

But… I had a word.  TIME.

From the literal measure of it to the far more telling “It’s about TIME you…” statements.

My 2014 is absolutely about TIME.

And I think yours is too.

So often our only focus on TIME is about what claim we don’t have.

I don’t have TIME to eat healthy.

I don’t have TIME to go back to school.

I don’t have TIME to exercise.

I don’t have TIME to work on my finances.

I don’t have TIME to focus on my damaged relationships.

Guess what?


I know.  You were just getting ready to tune me out thinking the lecture was coming.

I’m on your side.  You absolutely don’t have the TIME.

Now you’re thinking, “Sweet!  Score!  My work here is done, Clay.  I’m glad we agreed on this.  I’ll check in again in ’15.”

Come on… you know me better than that.

I’m conceding that you don’t just HAVE the TIME.  But… (“Oh no… I knew there was going to be a but”)… you do have the ability to make it.

You have to make the TIME.  You have to want to make the TIME.

We juggle our schedules to make sure we catch that Bowl game we wanted to see.  We find plenty of opportunities to check our social media or see what’s viral on YouTube (SPOILER ALERT:  It’s a cat video).  We’ll keep a dozen plates spinning to carve out 60 hours to binge-watch “Breaking Bad”.  Yet… we can’t find 10 minutes to pack a healthy meal instead of McLunchin’ it everyday?  We can’t find a half hour to do some type of physical activity that gets our heart rate up?  We won’t carve out an hour of our sleep at night to wake up early and work on our dream?

No one is going to lose the weight for you…

No one is going to write the book for you…

No one is going to pay off your debt for you…

No one is going to just hand you your dream…

And no one is going to just give you the TIME!!!

I fought to avoid it… but my 2014 has a “one word”.

I finally ready to admit that it’s about TIME… Are you?


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  1. I like this, Clay – and I like your word. We do have to make the time. At 5am, 5pm, or midnight.

      • Clay on January 1, 2014 at 11:25 pm
      • Reply

      Finding time… making time… spending time… We have such a natural instinct to place an elevated value on OUR TIME, yet we undervalue the things that we should be spending it on.

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