Jan 31

Finding Your Legs


Photo Courtesy: “Bambi” (1942) – Walt Disney Company

The clock on the top right corner of the screen read 5:45 A.M.  The same as it had each of the last five mornings.

I stood in my basement office half awake.

My eyes half-open and trying desperately to stay that way.

My brain only half engaged and burning what little fuel it had on dreaming of the soft Queen-sized utopia that sat just beyond the outdated popcorn ceiling above me.

Tony Horton moved effortlessly along the screen of my iMac.  Calling out moves and combinations that I’d never seen.


Like that scene from “Bambi” where the very young fawn ventures out on the ice for the first time, my body battled to keep up, but the coordination just wasn’t there.  And even when I tried to get re-set (without an assist from Thumper in my case), I crashed again.

I stumbled.

I tripped.

I gyrated in ways that, frankly, would cause nightmares in children of all ages.

I looked like a combination of dancing Elaine Benes and your “over served” Uncle at a Wedding Reception trying to keep up with the “Cha-Cha Slide”.

I was a mess.

But, I kept pushing.

When I decided to do a test drive cycle of the new P90X3 workout, I figured it’d be old hat.  I’m not an exercise “noob” by any stretch.  I did a couple of full 90 day cycles of the original P90X a few years ago.  I’m not a stranger to working out.  Heck, I ran a marathon last year.

You wouldn’t know it by watching me the last five mornings.

I don’t have my exercise legs.

Or, at least, I don’t have my P90X3 legs.


I think so many of us fail to take the second step on something we’re chasing in life, not necessarily because the first step was hard, but simply because we weren’t great at it right away.  We want to be perfect right out of the gate, when the reality is, that’s not how it usually works.

I released my first Podcast yesterday.  There were more things I hated about it than things I loved.  But, it was the first one… they’ll get better.

“The Wife” is in a Grad School Organic Chemistry class that looked like gibberish and hieroglyphics on day one.  Four weeks later, she’s kicking alkanes and taking names.

My daughter is playing her first season of competitive Basketball this year.  The first game was rough.  Half the kids didn’t know which basket to shoot on.  Last night at their practice, they were running a three-weave that would make the Globetrotters take note.

It’s the same game as the first week… but they’re not the same people.

The first draft isn’t always pretty.

True success… whether it’s P90X, running, basketball, podcasting, your job, school… ANYTHING…

It’s not about being perfect the first time.

True success lies in being dedicated enough to do it again anyway.


Where are you struggling to find your legs?


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