Dec 12

Like a Movie: Being Intentional with Food

Be IntentionalGetting back into a more deliberate and intentional pattern with my eating is a lot like going to the movies.

In today’s world of convenience and instant access at your fingertips, I can watch a movie on one of multiple TV’s in my home, my computer, my tablet or even my phone.  I can watch it on cable, on DVD or On-Demand.  Whatever I want…. whenever I want… wherever I want it.  With very little effort on my part, if I’m OK with the limited options available, I’m literally seconds away from a flick at all times.

Going to the movies is a different story.

I don’t get to the movies very often these days.  Sure with young daughters, I’ve seen everything animated in the last decade and a half (full disclosure… would have anyway), but I don’t often make it out to see what I want to see.  Between schedules, somewhere for the kids to be and, at times, money, it’s an entertainment luxury that I’ve had to live without.

When I do get to go, the process is a lot more complex than just firing up the DVR on the couch.  It requires very intentional steps.

There’s always planning.  I know when the movie is coming out and the anticipation grows as that date draws near.  The Wife and I have to find a place in our collective schedule, find a place for the girls to be and carve out a window to go.

There’s always effort.  The movie isn’t going to come to me.  I’ve got to put on pants.  Make myself presentable and actually leave my lair.

There’s always cost.  Without sounding like a bad stand-up comic with a tired old “have you seen the price of tickets” bit, a night out at the movies, even without dinner, is going to at least get into spitting distance of $50… though spitting is both optional and discouraged.

There’s always time.  Watching a 90 minute movie at home takes… what… 92 minutes?  And that’s IF you pause once to pee.  Between driving, time at the concession stand, pre-game trivia, trailers, movie, post-game pee and drive home, you’re in for at least an extra hour, maybe more depending on the location of your theater of choice.

Yet… even with all of that… when the movie is done… I’m always glad I did it.  I’m sure Mrs. Remodeling Clay is sick of hearing it by now, but every time we stand-up to walk out of theater, I turn to her with a smile and I say, “I really enjoyed this.  We’ve got to do this more often.”

That’s how eating is for me.

It’s so easy to get a quick mindless bite.  We have nearly immediate access to food, we just have to be OK with what’s available.  It requires very little effort, if you’re OK with the limited options.

Being intentional with your eating.  Eating healthy.  It’s a familiar story.

There’s planning…

There’s effort…

There’s cost…

There’s time…

Good healthy eating doesn’t fit in the On-Demand lifestyle.  It requires planning of meals, effort to find the food, cost to get it fresh and time to make it.  It requires very intentional steps to feed a hunger that, in theory, could technically be satiated with a $0.49 microwave burrito in about 45 seconds.

But, like seeing that movie on the big screen like it was intended, when you’re being intentional with your food… SPOILER ALERT… it’s better!!!  You’re not just taking what’s available… you’re having an intentional experience.

And despite all the planning… the effort… the cost… the time… when you’re done… you’ll likely stand-up from that table with a big smile and say, “I really enjoyed this.  We have to do this more often.”


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