May 21


Yesterday, a two-mile wide tornado ripped through parts of Oklahoma leaving a wake of destruction and the tragedy of lost lives that we still don’t know the full magnitude of at this moment.  To put myself in the shoes of the people going through that heart-breaking reality is almost unfathomable.  And, it gives me perspective.

Meanwhile, yesterday in Minnesota, an amazing 18-year-old lost his four-year battle with osteosarcoma and quietly passed away with family and friends at his side.  And like the horrifying loss in Oklahoma, Zach Sobiech’s death is leaving a family and a community devastated.  And, it gives me perspective.

Though tragic, Zach’s fight and death does not come without an amazing victory.  He threw himself into his music and recorded a sort of love letter to life before he went.  The resulting song and video for “Clouds” went viral.  And, it gives me perspective.


Earlier this month, a company released a short-form documentary about Zach – which I would encourage everyone to carve out 22 minutes to watch.  In it, a classmate says, “If I have a bad day, it’s not really a bad day… if I’m complaining about something… it’s… it’s just all about perspective.”

I don’t want to spend a bunch of time today giving everyone and unwanted and unnecessary lecture about perspective.  If I take nothing else away from these losses it’s this… time is precious… don’t waste your time worrying about when something bad is going to happen.  Part of gaining perspective, is not wasting time thinking about perspective.


Donations to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund can be made in Zach’s name HERE.

Donations to benefit the tragedy in Oklahoma, can be made to the Red Cross HERE.  You can also text “red cross” to 90999 from your phone to donate $10.  The Red Cross also suggests that you donate blood at your local blood drive.  Donations can also be made to World Visions’ Disaster Relief Fund HERE.


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