Apr 12

Strength in Numbers

fearHave you ever fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole?

You see something that interests you – a fascinating video on a topic that hits home – so you watch.  The video ends and, as YouTube does so well, a recommendation for something similar pops up.  So you watch. Which leads to another… and another… until you look up and that “one more quick one before bed” has turned into a three-hour marathon.

You fell down the rabbit hole, my friend.

YouTube probably claims more “victims” than anyone, but it’s not without brethren.

Pinterest can get you.

There’s TED, of course.

Etsy is a usual suspect.

I’ve even been known to have my time swallowed in huge chunks by the very underrated SI Vault.

I have a new “addiction” that has absolutely captivated me and, unlike most of the others, it’s having a legitimate impact on my life and I want to share it with you.

I’d like to introduce you to No More Voices.

We talk a lot about fear around here.

Fear, to me, is the driving force in just about everything negative in our lives.  And, while some people get locked into this idea and generic definition of fear and think it’s only about being scared of something or that it only applies to things that we don’t do.  Fear is front and center in so many things that we are doing.  Fear isn’t a passive emotion.  Fear moves us to action just as often as it prevents it.  But, whether it’s crippling you or pushing you, if fear is what’s at the core, it’s not helping you.

Fear is like the proverbial snowball rolling down a mountain.  It starts out small, but, as it continues to roll, it gains size and speed.  Before you know it, it’s so big and fast that’s there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

No More Voices is about attacking fear with the thing that fear…well… FEARS most….  Community.

The greatest power that fear holds over us is the ability to make us feel like we’re alone.  The voices in our heads that drive the fear convince us that we’re different.  That we’re the only one who feels this way.  That we’re the only one who is going through it.  That we’re different.  That we’re broken.  That no one could possibly understand what we fear.

No More Voices is a place to share you fears.

It’s simple.

It’s anonymous.

It’s powerful.

They’re not selling anything or asking for anything from you.

It’s purely about attacking fear.

I’ve spent hours just reading the fears of total strangers.  It seems almost sardonic at first, but you quickly start to identify.  From things that seem so small in the big picture like tests or job interviews to bigger things like failing marriages or questions of faith, I read and read and read for what can turn into hours.

“Yes! Me Too!”

“I’ve been there and I promise it gets better”

“I can’t even imagine”

These and so many other thoughts just swirl through my head as I scroll through the voices on the page.

When I finally pull myself away, there’s something in me that is so much more satisfying than when I lose myself in a series of cat videos or conspiracy theories.  I knew fear was real.  I knew fear was powerful.   I knew the voices in my head that pushed or pulled me in every direction in my life were formed out of fear.  But, the strongest fear was always that it was just me.  How could anyone understand?

I was wrong… I’m not alone.

Don’t let the voices of fear control you.  Find community.  Share.  You’re not alone.


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