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Manic Monday — The Return

manicmondayBack by popular demand!

Ok… not so much popular…

…and I guess there really wasn’t any demand…

…so… more or less… it’s just back… (insert timpani and triumphant horns)

It’s Manic Monday!!

It’s been over a month, but it is time we dusted off the old segment.

I’m not sure why we got away from it.  My brain still overflows with useless garbage.  I still think in incomplete thoughts.  My writing style is still best described as quantity over quality.  My ideas are still most easily consumed by a Red Bull-fueled gnat with ADHD.  Maybe this whole 40 things has me growing as a person… as a man… as a father… as a writer… as a social commentator…

… OK …probably not… but I must say that made me feel way better about myself this morning.


Now… a few random thoughts, ideas and mental sundry in the return of Manic Monday…

… I don’t mean to make light of the whole International situation thing, but didn’t all of us have a fringe buddy like Kim Jong Un (and more so his old man) when we were growing up?  He wasn’t really a friend, but like your friend’s next-door neighbor since they were six, so he was just kind of around.  The guy was harmless, but every story that you told, this guy had a better version of it from his life.  You know the guy.  He starts every sentence with “That’s nothin’!”

… As a diehard University of Michigan fan, I shared on Saturday night a rather striking observation on the cycle of life since the last time the Wolverines played for the National Title (as they will tonight – GO BLUE!).  The last two Michigan National Semifinal games (92 & 93) I watched with buddies at a bar in Windsor, Ontario. Saturday’s game I watched with The Wife, kids and a grandbaby. College basketball is fast… life is faster.

Mad Men came back last night with the Season 6 premiere.  It’s the best show on television and I’m not willing to discuss it.  If you don’t watch it, sadly, I like you a little bit less.

(Photo Courtesy of NBC)

(Photo Courtesy of NBC)

… Speaking of good television, Saturday Night Live continues to quietly have a major renaissance.  In the nearly 40 years it’s been on the air, there are always these periods where most of the “breakout names” from the show have left so it’s all of the young talent scrapping for screen-time.  This is a sneaky good cast right now with a couple of the rookies looking like potential stars.

… Before I leave SNL, Melissa McCarthy hosted for the second time this weekend and did a great job.  No woman (and really very few men) do physical comedy as well as she does.  However, this weird nurturing parent side of me can’t help but worry about her.  Not that she’s going to get hurt doing the pratfalls, but I’m more concerned that she’s fallen into this “funny fat girl” role that she doesn’t need to stay in.  She’s not funny because of her size, yet, I’m fearful that she’ll continue to stay big because it’s what she’s known as/for.

… Roger Ebert passed away this week after an amazing and heroic battle with cancer.  I’m a huge Roger Ebert fan and sadly I think a lot of people (even my age) associate him with the television program (At The Movies) and the whole thumb thing while never taking the time to actually read his brilliant and often beautiful reviews.  While I’d personally recommend going back and consuming everything you can from his work, for a better picture of the man himself… please take a few minutes and read Will Leitch’s piece from 2010 over at Deadspin.  (NOTE:  Content may not be suitable for all viewers)

… Just saw the news of Margaret Thatcher’s passing as well.  Growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the idea of a powerful woman in the global landscape always felt very normal to me because of Margaret Thatcher.  Very underrated impact.

… I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on an advance copy of Jon Acuff’s new book START.  Look… I love you all and I wouldn’t recommend something to you that I didn’t 100% believe in and apply to my life.  Do yourself a favor, no matter where you are on your journey, get your hands on START to have with you on the path.  It’s going to open a lot of eyes to a different way to “do life” in today’s society.


Putting all silliness aside, I just wanted to take a moment to send prayers to Pastor Rick Warren, his family and the entire Saddleback Church on the tragedy that took place this weekend.  The idea of losing a child is heartbreaking and my thoughts go out to Pastor Warren, his wife and everyone who touches their lives.


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