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The Weekend Review (2/18 – 2/22/13)

weekendreviewMy youngest daughter decided to take the role of Assignment Editor yesterday I was very matter-of-factly informed that I would be required to blog about her this weekend.

“Oh yeah,” I asked, “what are you going to do this weekend that I’m going to blog about?”

“I’m probably not going to do anything exciting.  But… GiGi is at camp… so…you know ‘Only Child Weekend’.”

“Got big plans?”

“No… just going to take advantage of my GiGi-less time.”

My girls are close.

Close is age… just two years apart.

Close in proximity… we’re not ‘McMansion’ people… our home was built in an era where families didn’t each need their own wing.

And, more often than not, close to coming to blows.

They’re not abnormal by any stretch.  I grew up with siblings less than two years on either side of me.  I know what it feels like.  As they’ve transitioned from tot and toddler to tween and teen, everything in their relationship dynamic has grown.  The bickering.  The barbs they exchange. And, the volume of the protest when the other is away and I tell them “you’re going to miss your Sister when she’s away.”

“Yeah right Dad, she’s always in my stuff.  I’m going to get some peace and quiet.  I can play what I want to play.  I’ll watch what I want to watch.  Pffft…. it’s MY weekend!”

Fast forward a few hours and it inevitably begins.

“Wonder what GiGi is doing?”

“I was going to watch this show, but that’s her favorite, so I’ll save it till she gets home.”

Then the night always ends the same.

“Dad, do you think it would be OK if I slept in GiGi’s bed?”

“You miss your Sister?”

“No!!!  Well… yeah…. kinda.”


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Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


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