Feb 07

My Lazy “But”

lazyI didn’t want to go to the gym this morning.

To be fair, I didn’t want to go to the gym yesterday either.

Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I really WANTED to go to the gym.

I know I need to go.  I know I always feel better once I’ve gone.  And I know, despite all of my hemming and hawing, I’m going to go in the end.  Yet, I always do the same song and dance with myself in the morning.

…but it’s cold out.

…but I have things I need to work on.

…but I can just work out here.

…but it won’t hurt to skip.

Sound familiar?

And I don’t just do it with the gym.

…but if I eat that Meat Lover’s Pizza today, I can just workout extra hard tomorrow.

…but the kids will have plenty of chances to play that game with me.

…but I can take The Wife out next weekend.

People think that the reason that it is so easy to be ineffective in this life is because it requires zero effort.  Wrong!  We put tremendous amounts of effort into doing nothing.  We waste so much time excuses.  We burn so many calories on ways to convince ourselves not to do something.  If we’d just spent a tenth of that energy on what we need to do — we’d be done already.

What are you putting off?

Stop making excuses and start getting things done.  There’s no better time than NOW.  Get your “but” out of the way and do it.

…but I can start tomorrow.

Or tomorrow could be Day 2…

…but it’s going to be hard.

It’ll be easier the second time…

…but I don’t know what to do.

But you know it’s not this… do something different… start now.


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