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Manic Monday — Super Bowl Edition

SB47logoA lot of folks watched the Baltimore Ravens knock out the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 last night in Super Bowl XLVII.  In fact, according to preliminary ratings numbers, the game’s 48.1/71 is up +1% from last year’s 47.8/71…

(crickets…. crickets…..)

Yeah, I don’t know what it means either.

All I know is that a boatload of people, at the least, had the game on wherever they were last night.  I’d go as far as to say that, with the proliferation of social media access at every given moment, you had to make a very deliberate and conscious effort NOT to be consuming the game in some way last night.

So… despite that fact that I was born and raised a Detroit Lions’ fan… which barely qualifies as NFL Football… I thought it was only fitting to dedicate this week’s edition of Manic Monday to the pomp and circumstance that is the Super Bowl.


…While the game itself will probably get analyzed by major media the least, we’ll start there.  It was a good game!  There were some bad calls here and there, and I don’t know what Jim Harbaugh and his offensive coaching staff were thinking on those final four plays, but, all in all, it was a good, hard-hitting, complete football game.  Plenty of offense.  Fast defense.  Big special teams moments.  From a football perspective, it’s been a really good run of great football games in the Super Bowl.

…OK… OK…. just like the game itself… I know what most of you are here for – The Commercials.  I won’t tease and save them for the end.  I thought the commercials this year were horrible.  There were a couple of cute ones, but most of them were either intentionally bad (I’m looking at you GoDaddy) or unintentionally worse.  I did manage to find three spots from the bunch that entertained me the most.

1)  “Farmer” – Dodge RAM Trucks — Of course this one was greeted by the most controversy because people love to scream that it was both religiously and politically divisive.  Whatever… boo hoo.  It’s a great spot.  It’s visually compelling and the use of Paul Harvey (a hero of mine) was a brilliant choice.  Keep your Sam Elliot… keep your Jon Ham…. they’re great at what they do…  but Harvey was perfect here.

2) “Asking Amy” – Best Buy — I’m biased.  I love Amy Poehler.  I think she’s one of the funniest people on the planet and Best Buy managed to use her in the perfect way.  Perfect fun little :30 spot that doesn’t try to sell you anything other than the idea that Best Buy has a sense of humor.  Good choice.

3) “Leon Sandcastle” – NFL Network — The NFL Network has a history of doing great spots before, during and after the game itself.  I was always a fan of the “Tomorrow” spots they ran for a few seasons… but this one may have been the best overall spot of the night last night.  Now, granted, the audience of people who actually watch the NFL Draft probably aren’t being sold by the commercial.  If you’re a “Draft-nick”, you’re watching regardless.  But major props to the network for probably the most entertaining commercial of the night that landed squarely on the NFL’s demographic.

…How many people had this exchange with their significant other when the Ravens intentionally took the safety late in the game last night?

“Did he do that on purpose?  Why did he do that?”

“Well, you see, the logic here is that the two points really don’t hurt them, so instead of punting from their own end zone and risking a big return or the Niners fair catching in Field Goal position…SOOOOOO… what they do….”

“Ugh… nevermind… I didn’t really care.”

…The blackout in the 3rd Quarter made this one of the most bizarre sports moments in recent history.  It also sparked one of the worst moments in Twitter history as far too many people scrambled to make the horrible “Someone forgot to pay the electric bill” joke.

…Speaking of Twitter…if you’re not double-screening Twitter with any major live event (sports, award shows, etc.) you’re missing 90% of the fun.  You learn very quickly how many really funny people you have on your feed.  Sadly, you learn even faster how many really unfunny people you have as well.

…Even when I’m doing my best to eat healthy, Super Bowl Sunday, like Thanksgiving, always gets the free pass “cheat day” treatment.  I don’t govern myself on Super Bowl Sunday.  I usually pay for it by the end of the night, but if the guys on the field can sacrifice their health and bodies to entertain me… it’s the least I can do to sacrifice mine.

…For the record, after extensive research yesterday, I’d like to officially put the Chicken Wing debate to bed.  “Flats” are superior to “Drummies”…. and it’s not close.  This is not open for discussion.

…Every year people try to make the argument for making the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday.  I’ve seen everything from move President’s Day to simply just declare it a U.S. institution.  Instead of beating that to death, why not make the far more compelling argument for moving the game to Saturday?  Sure, we’ve gotten locked into saying Super Bowl Sunday… but…we can adjust.  I don’t even put on pants to go to work on Monday and I still wish it was Sunday right now.


I love the NFL.  I love the Super Bowl.  Today is one of the toughest days on the calendar for a fan because it is literally the furthest we are from NFL football during any given year.  (Sigh)

Whether you’re a fan or not, I hope you enjoyed your weekend in what direction it lead you.  Looking forward to an awesome week ahead.

Stay Tuned!


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